2019 Loose Nut Tracks - Eastern KY - Nov 1-3, 2019

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    Tracks for the 2019 Loose Nut Dual Sport Ride in Eastern Kentucky

    Ride Thread:


    With so many different GPS models out there and each one having a different waypoint and track point and number of tracks limitations, I have tried to simplify by uploading one GPX file with all tracks filtered to 500 points.

    Number of waypoints should fit in most GPS models. However there are more tracks than some GPS units will accept.........you'll have to decide which ones that you want to load.

    Hope to see you on the ride............

    please NOTE this is a self guided self supported ride through Eastern Kentucky on some of our favorite scenic roads and forest service trails...........this is a ride at your own risk with your own bike on your own schedule with your own limitations - it just so happens that several of us are going to ride it on the same weekend......If you can't make it that weekend, I would recommend that you save one of this GPX file and take this scenic ride.

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