2021 Kawasaki KLX 300 SM.

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by dlmarquez, Dec 16, 2020.

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    I'm pretty sure the DRZ400SM also is lower with different rake and trail than the DRZ400S and I had no trouble whatsoever throwing my set of S model 18/21" wheels with knobbies on my DRZ400SM and ripping around trails with it. The speedo was off but apart from that it was perfectly fine. Think it took 15-20 minutes to swap over. You're over thinking it a bit.

    I did my share of riding off road on my SM's 17" Pilot Powers and in the end it was worth $500 and the cost of a new SM rotor up front to being able to throw on non DOT knobbies and go.

    Now that my DRZ is long gone and I have a KLX300SM now I really want a set of 18/21's with knobbies to rip on National Forest trails with...
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    I'm going the other way... I'm putting even stickier tires on my "dirtbike" and knobbies on my Monkey. :evil
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    You guys are lucky...
    My SM is completely set up to travel winding canyon roads. There's NO dirt riding anywhere around here even though directly outside our front door is over 10,000 acres of open land stretching to the Pacific Ocean. This does have a bright side... it's dark and quiet here. There are no street lights on our dead end road and all we hear are the Owls and the Coyotes.

    Wednesday night is an exception...
    It's the long held tradition of "bike night", when 50 or more race screaming through the Canyon. It's loud, but doesn't last long because they're going so fast. Needless to say we avoid going anywhere in a car on Wednesday nights! :lol2