25,000 miles with Luke and Nick

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    Afghanistan... Lovely place minus the heat & dust!

    I do not know that it is safe to say that. I think your bike seems to have broken down several dozen times, it was just the same thing most of the times. But honestly each time you thought (or implied that you thought) you had it fixed and each time it broke again. I think that your KTM wins several times over the BMW on number of breakdowns. Even number of breakdowns per country. ;)

    That being said, I just read your RR and I really enjoyed it. I am glad that a different RR I was reading had referenced this one.

    You mentioned going with the two of you again on another trip. Did that ever happen? If so would you kindly point me towards the RR for it as well? Take care, and thanks a lot for letting a guy stuck in Afghanistan live vicariously through your adventures.

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    Extremely late to the party!(Don't know how I missed this thread??) Up to end of Page 27 of this RR and I am loving your Africa RR so far! I have no idea where you are right now but it will be matter of time before I catch up and know where you are. That's part of the excitement of live updated RR.

    Ride safe and good luck getting to North Cape (If that's where you are going to in Norway)! Cape Agulhas to North Cape is among my bucket list and this is first RR of the trip I am reading beside the Dave Barr book. (He fell few hundred times!)


    EDIT (8/16/13): Just finished the RR.. it seems that as you get to the end, it was less challenging after replacing the fuel pump. And I admit I am curious where is the landmark pic of North Cape? Anyway, thanks for this awesome RR and it helped me get a better idea visually what Dave Barr were trying to say in his book (his camera performed poorly and he lost a lot of pics before the digital camera era) I will now read your Mexico RR and am looking forward to your next trip.. Siberia??
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    Absolutely fantastic report! All the way from the poop to theese words :clap

    I missed this RR the time being written since i bought a house at the same time and had other things to do than read. If i knew i had gladely let you guys stay at my home when you rode thru Sweden :freaky

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Awesome read guys, well done on finishing and thanks for the entertainment!

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    Just came across these photos on a particular person's fb page which reminded me of your ride report. You said you came across this old rusted out truck somewhere in Namibia, maybe you can recognize who else has recently found this same truck :wink:

    [​IMG] 10610582_10152682518179948_8454719658626412028_n.jpg

    Below is a link to their fb page where i found the photo:

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    Some time last night I stumbled across this excellent ride report, and stood here, reading all 85 pages in one sitting. Absolutely fabulous. (I cam across it as I was reading trip reports from folks on KTM 690s -- I am seriously considering buying a new-ish one.

    I hope you guys are doing well, that you eventually got the $2500 back from Africa, that KTM actually eventually contacted you.... I was extremely pleased you managed to finish the trip with no serious injuries to yourselves nor your equipment. It really stinks that you had a complicated electrical problem that just never went away until there at the very end. I am a damn good motorcycle mechanic, and I don't think I could have handled the stress of the reoccurring problem(s).

    Nevertheless your amazing endurance, friendship and "relaxed" attitude is every bit as inspirational as the actual accomplishment of your South to North journey

    ...I also am curious about whether or not your friend ever made a print version of your ride report. It seems to me that it would be fairly easy to get it to print, and it could help fund the next trip.

    I realize all this was several years ago, but I truly hope you are well, and that you continue to travel. As I write this, it feels like I am writing to some friends. Thank you for bringing all of us along with you!

    Peace and grease,
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    I AM IN HAVE FUN:rofl:rofl
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    Man talk about coming into this report 3 years late. just read through the entire report in the past 3 days. Incredible.
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    Man I haven't read this Ride Report for 3 years now, I signed up to ADVrider shortly after discovering this RR. I just finished reading the whole thing again. I was daydreaming at work one day 3 years ago and searched if it was possible to drive a car up through Africa, a Google hit led me to "25,000 Miles with Luke and Nick" and further to discover the Advrider community, this Ride Report was the first thread on the website I ever read. It hatched an idea in my head about what about travelling with a motorcycle? Fast forward 3 years and tonight I am in Madrid with a KTM 1190 packed and ready for a RTW trip, I head for the ferry into Tangier, Morocco in the morning to head down the West Coast to South Africa, and back up the East. Probably across Asia and the Americas after that. This thread also inspired me from day 1 to buy my first moto, since then I had a KTM690 R, and a CRF450. I tricked out the 690 through RallyRaid and had it prepared in Australia ready for the trip, but circumstances prevented me from shipping the 690, I sold it and bought an 1190 in France. I'll see how I go, if the 1190 doesn't work out for Africa, I will sell it and buy something smaller at a later date. Thanks for the RideReport, and thanks for inspiring me to make this trip become a reality, starting tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a RR on the forum. You guys are awesome, good to see you're active on the Forum again too Luke.

    Thanks again for welcoming me into this world guys!!
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    I was following Reuben's (wanted) RR and he mentioned that Like and Nick's trip inspired his.
    Took me a while to finish it, but WOW what a report! Deserves a bump for folks who may have missed it.
    I had followed Noah's report from day 1 so it was cool to read about the origins of his final bike!

    Great job guys! I hope everything is well and another trip is in your future!