276C map loading is a cluster that i never got to work - is the 60Csx any better?

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    i'd sort of like to find a decent GPS that uses buttons. and i have a 276C long enough where i am very familiar with using it (or as familiar as i am going to get at home) but i was never able to get MAPS LOADED.

    first there was some crazy firmware/software/hardware issue with the MAC implementation of USB so the device never got recognized.

    then i found an old 2009 laptop and the device was recognized but it took like two weeks for the data to decide it wasn't going to upload.

    then i move it over to a XP box i happen to have and - well at that point i forget what happened actually.

    so i never did get very good with waypoints and customizing my map since i couldn't really even get the OSM maps i downloaded onto the device.

    anyway i started to go down the KYOCERA route but i'm not thrilled with having to learn android and how to use a new phone.

    long question short - will the 60Csx be any better than the 276C for loading maps? for some crazy reason i never got this to work.
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    I had a 60cx for a long time. I always used Mapsource running on an XP computer to load maps.
    I had to load them a lot because of the limited number of tiles available on the unit, typically for every different area we rode.

    I can't remember any real problems or tricks required, except to keep track of how many tiles you have selected.

    I can imagine a host of problems trying to resurrect an old XP computer. There are some instructions around for how to get Mapsource from Garmin.
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