276c vs Montana in reversing a route

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    When I was riding the TAT I had 2 gps's, a zumo and the 276c. I found that I could not reverse or back track a route using the zumo, however the 276c could. Does the Montana allow the user to back track or reverse his route if need be?
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    Only if the route is downloaded to the Montana as "Direct" do you get the ability to edit, or reverse a route. If you create your route in Basecamp in Automotive or Motorcycle mode, and transfer it to the Montana while the route still has those attributes, you can do nothing but Navigate the route, and it's likely the gps will recalculate it.

    Isn't Backtrack something you do with a Track? The Montana lets you do it, anyway.

    There's a topic called 'Routing with Garmin's Montana..." somewhere around here. It explains a lot about getting the most out of Garmin's modern units.

    Found it.
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    Reverse a route and backtrack are 2 different things. With the Zumo you don't backtrack the route, you backtrack your TRACK, in other words you just go back the way you came. The Montana works the same way. If you want to create reverse routes in the Zumo or Montana you have to do it in Basecamp.