276cx experience, using it on the mac (and selling the new to me GPSMAP 496)?

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    May 29, 2015
    anyone have experience with the 276 cx that wouldn't mind helping out a GPS newbie?

    i did labrador and the canadian eastern provinces on my r100gs this summer and the iphone did not cut it. i had just got a zumo 550 but it turned out to need calibration so i rolled out with an old iphone and some GPS apps. this was sort of not fun in the pouring rain hauling ass - and getting lost - across nova scotia.

    since then i have the zumo 550 calibrated and i have scored a GPSMAP 496 with a ton of accessories for a truly ridiculously small amount of money.

    i am running mac OS with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and /can/ run windows on both these machines but i am wondering if i should sell the 496 and invest in a 276cx.

    basically i am not sure what would be involved in getting the 476 to work with ROAD MAPS but also the complexity of getting it to work on a mac or buying a cheap windows laptop may mean it is not the device for me. that said, using it to learn some airplane stuff is really cool.

    thanks for any advice.
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    Ping vfrpilot. He runs one and has good knowledge of software required.
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