Sold 3 Pair 32x32 Wrangler Men's 936 Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jeans - Prewashed Indigo

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    I've been working all summer and purchased 3 pair of jeans as I had none with me on the job. Found out real fast that I was a 30x32. I washed them in hot water and they did not shrink at all. So I can't return them. 2pair are perfect and 1 pair has a small hole that my wife ran a bunch of navy thread through so it's there but hard to see. I'll throw those in for free and asking 35 bucks shipped for all 3 pair. I think they are more like a 33 waist our of the washer and then a 34 after a few hours of wearing. I have the same pairs now in 30x32 and fit me great. I'm 165 and 5'11" tall. Just trying to pass them along to someone who can fit in them.

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