3 Weeks In Rockies on Yamaha WR250R GPX Files

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    Sorry about delay. I finally got around to posting all of the GPX files for my "3 Weeks In The Rockies on Yamaha WR250R" epic ride report.

    [​IMG]Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.06.26 PM by Kam A, on Flickr

    Our trip started in Silverthorne, CO where we hopped on the Continental Divide Trail ( CDR ) north to Jackson, WY. Then we headed south counterclockwise from Alpine, Kemmerer, Grand Junction, Moab, and back to Colorado.

    Summary of what is in GPX folder:

    - Waypoints . Each segment is 1 day...for me.
    - TRACKs for each segment.
    - Custom Routes for each segment. Equivalent for above TRACKs.

    Although my TRACKs for segment 7 ( Day 7, Pinedale to Lava Mtn. Lodge/Dubois ) does not include the optional ride down Green River Rd. ( FR-650 ), I highly recommend riding down towards the lake. Scenic, but bit rocky.

    I would use TRACKs and use a Garmin gps device that can handle TRACKs. Otherwise your Garmin algorithmic routing using City Navigator NT map may be confusing. Especially when you get off paved roads. So, use the TRACKs.

    We found a couple of glitches ....conflict between the Garmin maps vs. what we actually came across...I'll try to point them. Contact me if you plan to do this trip and I'll try to give you recommendation.

    - Day 3 of epic ride report. The last 20 miles of the segment coming into Atlantic City, WY from Pinnedale. I think my inmate had our routing slightly deviating from the default CDR trail. Our TRACK put us on some deep rutted double tracks. We got through on small bikes. But, I would keep on CDR in this section if you plan on riding big bike.

    - Day 9 of epic ride report. Last section of Alpine to Kemmer segment. Heading south to Kemmer, our GPS brought us to a fenced barbed wire gate. Looks like our Garmin map ( TRACK ) was off by 1/2 mile from turn off. Or they moved the road. You will want to look at your GPS and take the main road on your right as you're heading south to Kemmerer.

    - Day 19 Collbran to Gunnison segment. Read more about it in my ride report. One of the last segments in Colorado we ended up going up a ATV trail. Avoid it. Just follow the main road. I think we were in Gunnison National Forest.

    I'll try to go back to my notes and be a little more specific about couple of areas where the TRACK and road didn't quite match up. But minor.

    GPX file for 3 Weeks In Rockies On Yamaha WR250R should be attached at bottom of this post.

    Let me know if you have any issues importing files ( data ) into Basecamp. Don't forget to create a folder in Basecamp before you import. Otherwise that data will not be organized under your Basecamp main folder.

    Also let me know if you plan to do some or all this trip. I'll try to answer any specific questions and concerns.


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