1. Thinwater

    Thinwater Adventurer

    Sep 23, 2018
    Heart of Dixie
    I got Sam's maps yesterday, loaded them into TomTom 550 rider, looked at it on the TomTom synced webpage selected individual tracks and zoomed in. The tracks near my home that I know the roads are dead on. I didn't have the "points of interest" though. In contrast when loaded into Garmin Inreach Explorer, I had waypoints (Points of Interest), but the tracks loaded in with a filename issue.

    Loaded on the Garmin Inreach Explorer, all the tracks had the same name when loaded up in bulk, had to use basecamp to load into first, and going to have to load them up individually to keep the file name where I can tell what it is. the tracks were individually unique and I could see that they were on the map, but couldn't tell where I was selecting a track for because it appeared as multiple files of the same name. The waypoints or Points of Interest were fine in Garmin. I think the file type of the waypoints isn't the filetype of POI (Points of interest that the TomTom Rider550 is looking for)

    I think I can eventually get the waypoints on the TomTom but the tracks are there and thats what I'm following. The Garmin Inreach Explorer is backup and for my wife if we get separated (shouldn't) and it will have both points of interest, stores, hotels marked and such and the tracks (after I individually reload them to keep the correct file name.)