4 broken ribs and collapsed lung... fighting fear now

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    Crashed my RT last summer on the BRP some 900+ miles from home. Both the deer and the bike didn't make it. I had a couple minor scrapes thanks to good gear and the fact that I was wearing it! As an MSF RiderCoach, I was very leery of what I would be like back on a bike - and I certainly didn't want to be twitchy in front of a batch of students. So, a couple days after I got back, I went over to the range, pulled a bike out of the trailer, and rode around the parking lot for a bit, just to see what it would be like. I was happy that I seemed A-OK. Then, a couple days later, I took a test ride on a new RT and, again, was happy that I had no fear issues while riding.

    I do, to this day, still get nervous about riding near sunrise or sunset, even in the car, because of all the deer around here. Even though my accident was in the middle of the day, I start to get the deer sweats around 7:30pm nowadays. So, even though I'm fine on the bike, I'm super cautious of what might be coming out of the ditches. Side to side, far and near to the max for me!
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    well written :beer