4 days, 4 DRZ's in Baja. Looking for route suggestions leaving from San Diego

Discussion in 'Americas' started by polar8, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Myself and 4 friends have blocked off the week of November 4th for a 4 (or 5) day Baja trip leaving out of San Diego. We will be carrying tents and camping gear. We'll all be driving down from San Jose in one vehicle with the bikes on the trailer.

    First question- I assumed we'd leave the truck/trailer at my friend's house in San Diego and start the ride / cross the border from there. Are there better options if we cross the border with the truck and start somewhere else?

    We're all intermediate riders, half of us fluent in Spanish, looking for (in order of priority)
    -Dirt trails that will be fun on lightly loaded DRZs
    -Cool local sights / food / small towns to check out and refuel / eat at
    -Remote camping spots with good views, water features, or on the beach

    I'd appreciate any and all suggestions for tracks, trails we shouldn't miss, camping spots, tips... I'm piecing together what I can from other blogs, but haven't found a good 4-5 day itinerary yet.

    Thanks in advance!