400 Days in The Wind

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    Hey everybody! Finally getting around to starting this RR that I've been putting off for the last few weeks. I'm currently on a 400 day trip that I've started about 2 weeks ago(departed from ATL on Saturday March 28). To give a little background about myself...

    My name is Max, I'm 29 years old and I currently live in Atlanta, Ga. I am a Union First Assistant Cameraman(Focus Puller) for the Film and Television industry, I have a degree in Psychology from Emory University(*cough waste of money *cough) and I have a light background in fabrication/all things mechanical mostly because my father was a goldsmith and is big-time tool freak. Oh.. I'm also completely crazy about motorcycles. I've been in love with motorcycles for the last decade and the feeling just continues to get more intense, I love them, I currently have 11. No comment.

    Anyways, I've been gearing up for a RTW trip that I've been planning/saving for/thinking about for about 2 years now. I'm on no particular schedule but I'm at the point where I'm finished with work until the trip(the benefits of working freelance). My tastes in motorcycles tends to gravitate towards older air-cooled bikes and simplistic air-cooled modern stuff(I have 3 XS650's, a 99 Ducati Monster, 91 sportster and a 92 r100r with a sidecar etc.). I'm riding a modified '14 DR650 on the trip.

    I had a little build thread going in thumpers...


    this was detailing my buildup of an '07 xr650l that I was planning to use for the trip but completing the bike in correct fashion was going to push my timetable for leaving too far and I decided to depart with a DR instead. The first leg of my trip i've planned to take advantage of leaving right at the tail end of winter in the northern hemisphere, Alaska is the first major destination followed hopefully by some late season NS/NFD/LAB. I've departed Atlanta with my best friend, we've done several longer no slab all backroads/dirt trips before(ATL to NS/LA/Key West etc.). He's riding with me to LA and then heading back east across by himself while I spend the next few weeks wandering up to AK. Hopefully he'll be meeting back up with me somewhere around NS so we can do NFD together but we'll see what happens when we get closer to that time.

    I'll catch up on the trip so far as seperate posts but thought I'd start off with a bit of a breakdown of the bike and what I have with me at this point/what I think of everything I've taken so far.

    Another benefit of taking a new DR is that it'll be under warranty for the entire duration of my trip, to that end I've decided to leave the motor/airbox/carb/exhaust stock so that I get no grief from Suzuki should something arise that requires warranty work. This just means that all the money that would go to that stuff gets to go towards suspension and other fun junk:evil

    The bike is being put together in stages this time instead of just throwing money at it. I've done what I consider to be the minimum adventure bike upgrades on this first round for the north american stage. I wanted to do this mostly to actually get lots of seat time on the bike to figure out what I actually want to change. To that end, the mods so far are thusly..

    -Acerbis 5.3 gallon tank adapted to use the Suzuki vacuum petcock.
    -HDB handguards/risers/top clamp/vapor dash mount.
    -TT Vapor
    -Oxford Heated grips
    -Procycle vista-cruise throttle lock
    -TECHMOUNT handlebar mount with AMPS pattern
    -Garmin Montana AMPS mount
    -Procycle Racks
    -Nomadic top rack
    -Pelican 1450 top case
    -Wolfman Expedition Saddlebags
    -Warp 9 skid plate
    -NGK iridium plugs (factory heat)
    -Pro Taper Woods Low bars
    -Supermoto Front Fender
    -Procycle Case Armor
    -Various odds and ends and hardware upgrades.

    This is stage 1, stage 2 involves some serious suspension and wheel work of which I already have most of the parts waiting to be installed before I leave NA.

    -Full HDB rallye fairing kit with Scotts damper and Baja Designs Squadron Pro's
    -Emig Racing triple clamp kit
    -CRF450R front forks
    -RAD wheels with a 19" front conversion/320mm rotor. Have yet to buy the rear and decide If I'll go with an 18" conversion, so far the 17 hasn't presented any issues and I may keep the stocker.
    -Cogent rebuilt shock

    The stock bike the day I bought it:

    and done up a few days before leaving:

    I already have some things to report about certain items and in subsequent posts I'll detail those as well as all of the gear that I'm wearing and the tools and things that I'm carrying. For now, it's late, I'm glad I got this started finally and I hope it provides some entertainment back to all of you who have given me so much.
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    In :ear
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    I was following your XR650 build, I'm in with a grin for this :clap
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    Sounds exciting. Safe travels!
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    In! Enjoy the ride!
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    I'll be watching Max. Travel safe.
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    Looks like a solid ride. Good luck-safe travels.:ricky
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    looking forward to it! My 2013 is built up similarly! :D
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    Jul 9, 2014
    Looking forward to the adventures, safe travels!
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    Mar 14, 2014
    sheep pen
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    Same here, subscribed! Travel safe Max :D
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    where monkeys fly
    Hmmm, guess I'll tag along.
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    Best of luck to you! My Great Great Grandfather was Warren A. Candler, former President of Emory. In fact, my middle name is Candler. I did two years at Emory at Oxford back in the early nineties and literally had too much fun before moving on to the College of Charleston. I hope you have a fantastic ride.
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    I'm in too!

    Safe travels!!

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    Sub .... The DR looks awesome by the way!

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    Wow, That is quite an impressive collection of bikes, I only have 8 :cry I also looked at your XR build and that is a pretty incredible work area you have. For 29 years old, you seem quite wealthy to be doing all of this. So I have to ask, does a First Assistant Camerman make crazy good money ??? If so, I can see a bunch of people suddenly wanting to switch careers :D

    I think it is great you are doing this trip well financed, and with good equipment. Having money is good, and your trip will be so much more enjoyable and stress free when you have enough cash. I have never been a fan of reports of people traveling on 2 dollars a day and an old junk bike that is a constant problem and limits the trip. I have been through poor times, and time that I made really good money, and I can say from experience. Being Poor SUCKS !!!! Having money is always way better than not having money :D Life rocks when you have the cash to do what you want, and are able to take a year off without having to sell your house and everything you have !!! Doing a long motorcycle trip is an incredible dream, giving up everything else you have in life just to do the trip, which always ends, just sucks...

    The only thing I don't like is that you are taking the Suzuki, I ride an XR650L so I would have loved to seen the trip done on that bike. But when I do a trip like yours, it will probably be on my CB500X adventure bike which is smooth as butter on road, does not fatigue you, and does surprisingly well off road. And like you, I will still have a house, a life, and things worth coming back to, because the trop ALWYAYS ENDS. I really look forward to following along on your adventure :clap


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    Hope you are doing well with your trip. Looking forward to more of it and, of course, the finish of your XRL build later.
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    Hope all is going well, Max.