~4000 miles, ~17 days, ~9 landmarks, 2 wheels, 1 guy

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    "Just take your bike, your camera gear, and GO", she said. No, she wasn't mad, infuriated, or impacted by some other event of female distraction, at least so I keep telling myself. As with so many other adventures, this one too, started with "famous last words". :evil
    To me, this sounded like a "green light", and in blissful denial, I started to plot my route. Although I have been through all of the landmarks that I envision to pass on my round trip, I haven't yet had a chance to actually stop, unleash the camera gear, and shoot my bloody index finger to a pulp.
    "...and why the hell are you making a ruckus about that, Fargat?!" :puke1
    As this is my first RR, thus far I've merely been a lurker with pesky questions and inadequate input on topics I know remotely little about, I can't expect a lot of inmates to follow me; so let me "wow" you with a few details about the trip; :deal

    The Ride: Concours 14, in 2008 Silver - ya know, the fast(er) color
    The Rider: Photographer, Realtor, Full Time Student
    The Gear: Canon, Sony, Apple, GoPro(s), Drift 170
    The "other" Gear: Tent, Sleeping Bag, (some) Food -- seems to me that this might be a 70/30 ratio in gear. 70 for Camera equipment... :huh
    The Route:

    Some landmarks include:
    - Red Lodge, MT
    - Beartooth Pass (Yes, you may be jealous)
    - Yellowstone National
    - WY canyon carving
    - Arches National
    - Highway 12, UT (Torrey to Bryce)
    - Bryce Canyon & Zion National
    - Grand Canyon
    - San Juan Skyway, CO
    - Rocky Mountain National
    - Mt. Rushmore, SD
    - Badlands, SD
    - ....and then absolutely NOTHING for 500 miles back to Fargo.
    *some of these markers may need to be foregone in the interest of being back home on time

    The time: limited to approx 17 days.
    The mission: return home with as many decent images and video as I can muster.
    The challenge: to get it all done, while finding new angles of overshot locations and somehow cement my claim to miniature fame.
    The idea: well... F ...I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I plotted that map.
    Departure: Lift off should be coming week
    "Reporting": Twitter, Facebook, ADV, and hoping to reactivate my blog before I hit the road.

    Will this work out or completely blow up in my face? Hell if I know...but it's worth trying for it; and after all, let's not forget, the "boss" said "Just GO!". ...... "yes, ma'am". :freaky

    Fargat - Out (for now)
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    Good luck with the trip and be safe.

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