4th Annual Pahrump NV Rally Nov. 1-4, 2018

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    Feb 20, 2007
    Burbank CA
    November 1, 2, 3 and 4, 2018
    Adventure Riders Rally @ Pahrump NV
    Petrack Park, 150 NV-160
    Map Here

    N36.22005° W115.99552°
    Registration is now CLOSED. Sponsors and Donors are always welcome.

    This Rally is a camping and meet-up event....also we get to eat and raise $ for charity. May look well organized but really not an organized riding event. Riding is whatever you and your friends want to do; and for sure hundreds of miles of dirt not far from camp.

    PAID LIST (Please let me know if I missed your name or messed up your info. The RV# is not the assigned site. Just a count, max is 10 spots.)

    Dunerat - Noel RV#1 - KTM 500
    Ms. Dunerat - Val - Carpool
    Kicknback - Kiese - RV #2 - Honda CRF450L...:eekers
    Hbsurfdad - Troy - XR 650R
    Spongerob - Rob - KTM 500
    Migilito - Mike - KTM 500
    Lost Dave - Dave - CRF 250
    Gerg - Greg - RV#3 - KTM1290/Husky 350
    Fatallybitten - David - DRZ 400S
    Speed Racer - Bill - Carpool - Husky TE 610

    Mr. Endo - Jorge - KTM 500
    Mrs. Endo - Kari - KTM 350
    Oldgrayghost - Joe - Husky FE 501
    Tuffgonger - Steve - KTM 530
    Typeamark - Mark - KTM 500
    Distant Thunder - Brian - RV#5 - KTM 1190/KTM 500
    Thunders Stormy - Kim - Carpool - KTM 500
    Billua - Bill - RV#6 - KTM 1090/KTM 500
    Garfey - Dave - KTM690
    Headstaller - Chu - Husky TE 630

    Ma Duce - Orbel - Husky TE510
    Wozza - Warren - RIDING IN - R1200GSA
    Spafxer - Jim - RIDING IN - KTM 950A
    DVJim - Jim - KTM 400
    Ms DVjim - Di
    Advmoty - Mike - KTM 690 - Carpool
    TheColdman - Doug - RIDING IN - VStrom 1000

    Team Vegas - Shawn - RV#7 - KTM 990/450
    Motobillb - Bill - RIDING IN - DR650
    Fletch123 - Mike - KTM 450

    Todd157k - Todd - RV#8 - Husky 701
    Grace157k - Grace - Carpool - Suzuki DR 200
    Carl57y - Carl - Carpool - KTM 525
    Rjnutt - Robbie - Beta 390RR
    Go Outside - Eric - Beta 500RR
    Zen Slug - Eran - KTM 450EXC
    FallingUp - Kieran - Carpool - KTM 350EXCF
    Scythr3s - Dan - Suzuki DR 350
    Davethestick - Dave - Honda XR650R
    KaptSlo - Bill - Camper RV#9 - WR250 and Sherco 250

    Desert Jul - Julie - WR450
    Water Polo Moto - Ben - XT250
    SonoraDave - Dave - Husky 701
    4serge - Sergey - Honda NC700X
    Bsham - Brian - Yamaha Super Tenere
    Damado - Dave - Berg 570
    Bravo Zulu - John - Husky 501 - RV#10
    Vivian - Vivien - KLR 650
    Coarsegoldkid - Joe - SOTSF
    Marty - Marty - SOTSF

    BJH - Brian - KTM 500 EXCF
    Big Al - Al - KTM 350 EXCF/DR650
    Greg - RuckusRider2 - Honda Africa Twin
    Randy - RandyM - Vtrom
    RobbyW1985 - Robbie - KTM 530 EXC
    CE - Charles - R1200 GS
    MoonshineMotors - Mike - KLR 650
    DirtyADV- Johan - KTM 990
    Zapatero - Mark - DR650
    VladVegas - Vlad - BMW F800GS

    Sugaree - Simone - Husky 250
    J.King- Jason - Husky 501
    Ca Stu - Stu - CZ
    Longtallsally - Brice - KTM 450 EXC
    Nwemerys - Dave - KTM 500EXCF
    LADAKAR - Stefano - Cagiva Elefant
    Ramjet - Ron - KTM 690
    Baldheaded - O'Shea - KTM 500EXCF
    WestCoastR - Lorenzo - KTM 350EXCF
    Camello911 - Josue - F800GSA

    Dzrtracin - Shawn - Beta 500
    Odomodyssey - Gene - BMW GS800/KTM 350EXC
    Dr. Fabulous - Chris - KTM 950
    Doug - Dr. Miller - DR650
    Meate8or - Marlon - KTM 500EXCF
    Sergio - Sifox - DR650
    Kumatae - Tae - NCX700
    Nowwhat - Mike - Husky 501
    BiggieFalls - Eric - KTM SE950
    TC - Tony - KTM 625

    GJE - George - KTM TE310R
    IaninCalgary - Ian - WR250R
    Pbro63 - Peter - CSC RX3
    Toast - Tony - Husky 501
    Matt Fe203 - Matt - Aprilia Caponord
    Stunny - Stan - GS650 Sertao
    PaprikaJoe - Joseph - CB500X
    Eyevapor - Jeff - KTM 520
    AdventureDave82 - Dave - KTM 1190
    Sam Hayes - Sam - KTM 500


    Past Ride Reports:

    Pahrump 2015 RR

    Pahrump 2016 RR

    Pahrump 2017 RR

    more pics from 2017....https://pyypp.smugmug.com/upload/CGXTvc/Pahrump2017

    click "DONE" on the upper right corner.

    password is "africatwin"
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    Feb 20, 2007
    Burbank CA


    Last year, we didn't get the top billing, maybe this time we'll beat the Quilts.

    We reserved the entire Petrack Park for our private use. Your registration includes free camping.

    TEES and swags!

    not included in your registration fee, but we'll have FREE pint glasses for all who want it.....:clap

    Thanks to JAB of Diamond Lines for subsidizing the cost.

    Commemorative TEES.... i will have about 80 made of various sizes.


    $12 for SMALL - i will order 2 pieces or maybe more, reserve if you want by sending me a PM by tomorrow evening (10/12/18)
    $12 for MEDIUM to XL - available at the rally. first come - first served.
    $15 for 2XL to 4XL - this you have to pre-order by sending me a PM by tomorrow evening (10/12/18)


  3. GalacticGS

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    Aug 27, 2006
    Lake Havasu, AZ
    Things to See / Places to Ride

    Wheeler Pass: This is a dirt road that makes a nice trip through the Spring Mountains taking you from Pahrump to Hwy 95 (between Vegas and Indian Springs). The pass is at about 7,700 feet elevation. There are remains of some charcoal kilns to see on the way. You can make an up and back trip, or continue to Hwy 95 and make a big loop ride (either clockwise or counter-clockwise). This website has some good info.

    Mount Charleston: If you take Wheeler Pass and decide to make a clockwise loop, you can hit the Mount Charleston Lodge for lunch. Charleston Peak (above the village of Mount Charleston), just shy of 12,000 feet in elevation, is the highest peak in the Spring Mountains. Take Lee Canyon Road or Kyle Canyon Road from Hwy 95 (more of a big bike ride).

    Red Rock Canyon: The Red Rock National Conservation Area features some stunning scenery, rock formations, and sandstone peaks. It features a 13 mile paved scenic drive, and plenty of hiking opportunities. Accessible off of paved Hwy 159 (requires National Park Pass or pay a fee), you can also reach the park offroad via the Rocky Gap Trail, a challenging rock-filled climb from Lovell Canyon Road (best for small bikes or skilled big bike riders). Rocky Gap is the last "hard-way" challenge of the infamous LA-to-Barstow-to-Vegas Dual Sport Ride. More info about Red Rock Canyon here.

    Bonnie Springs Ranch: Just south of the Red Rock National Conservation Area, Bonnie Springs features a replica western mining town of the late 1800's. It was actually a stage coach stop on the Old Spanish Trail. Decent burgers at the restaurant. Check it out here.

    Pioneer Saloon: The legendary Pioneer Saloon, located in Goodsprings NV, is one of the oldest continuously operated saloons in Nevada (established in 1913). It may also be the oldest tin-sided building left in the U.S. It has been a location for many commercials, TV shows, and movies. It is also where Clark Gable waited for 3 days in 1942 to wait for word about his wife Carole Lombard, who was tragically killed in an airplane crash near Mt. Potosi. Pioneer Saloon is a common destination for little and big bikes rides at the Pahrump Rally! It's a great spot for lunch or a cold beer!!

    Colosseum Mine: This now closed open-pit mine is an interesting place to visit. It was an operating gold and silver mine (and other minerals) from the 1930s through about 1993. It is located just west of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) plant. Can be another little or big bike ride depending on the route to get there. More info here.

    Mojave National Preserve: Abandoned mines, Joshua trees, volcanic lava tubes, sand washes, dirt roads, and beautiful scenery can all be found in the Mojave National Preserve. Located east of I-15 and south of Primm, the Mojave National Preserve is a 1.6 million acre area destination maybe most suitable as a big bike destination just due to distance from Pahrump.

    Dumont Dunes: This is a large OHV riding area among sand dunes as large as 400' high. You should have a pass to ride within the dunes area. Located about 25 miles south of Shoshone off of Hwy 127. There are paved and dirt routes to get to the dunes. More info here and here. Sand whip flags should be used.

    China Ranch Date Farm: Whether you are on a small bike or big bike ride, if you get close to Tecopa then stop by the China Ranch Date Farm. Try a date shake, date bread, date cookies, or just some fresh or dried dates. It's all delicious! They also have a quirky little gift shop to buy that unique curio to bring back home. Just a few miles south of Tecopa.

    Tecopa: Tecopa is a quirky little desert town with the main attraction being several commercial and free hot springs and mud baths. Go enjoy a soak for your tired muscles. While you're there, visit Death Valley Brewing for a cold one; or Tecopa Brewing Company that also offers some decent BBQ.

    Shoshone: Not much to Shoshone, other than being perhaps an important stop for gas if you're riding west from Pahrump (such as towards Death Valley). More than one rider (@rjnutt) has cruised into Shoshone on fumes, thankful to see the Chevron station in town. Across the street from the Chevron is the Crowbar Cafe and Saloon for some good eats!

    Death Valley: Yes, Death Valley is in riding distance of Pahrump (especially for big bikes, but for little bikes too). There are paved and dirt options to get to DV. Go see Rhyolite and ride Titus Canyon; visit Badwater and Artist's Palette; or any of the other many beautiful spots in Death Valley.

    Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge: Home of the famous Devil's Hole Pupfish, the Ash Meadows NWR is an interesting habitat for a variety of flora and fauna unique to the desert environment. It has an excellent Visitor's Center, and contains the largest remaining oasis in the Mojave Desert.

    Amargosa Dunes: Also known as Big Dunes, the Amargosa Dunes are another OHV play area located west of Hwy 95 south of Beatty. Sand whip flags should be used.

    Pahrump Valley Winery: Why not visit Nevada's largest producing winery located on Winery Road at the south end of Pahrump. Better yet, stop by their restaurant Symphony's for a great up-scale dinner one night while at the rally.

    Pahrump Valley Museum: Located about 1 mile west of Petrack Park (the rally site) on Basin Avenue is the Pahrump Valley Museum. Stop by and learn a little about the history of Pahrump and the Pahrump Valley. Free admission - hard to beat that!

    Pahrump Valley Speedway: Local 4-wheel dirt track racing about 1-1/2 miles from the rally site. And they're holding races on Saturday, Nov 3 during the rally. Races start at 3pm, so you can see a few races and then head back to the rally for dinner and the ever-exciting raffle! Maybe Joel can talk them into letting some of us 2-wheelers hold a Pahrump Rally Flat-track Championship!

    Jimmy Lewis Riding School: Jimmy Lewis bases many of his off-road riding classes out of his home is south Pahrump, and utilizing the great riding areas around Pahrump. You will become a better rider after taking his class. See a review. Check the next post in this thread for information about the class that will be offered Wednesday and Thursday before the rally.

    Enjoy the Pahrump Rally!!
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    Jimmy Lewis Riding Class..... color of choice for @migilito

    Oct 31st (Wed) - Nov 1st (Thu)
    Fees : 700.00
    Jimmy also donate part of the proceed to land use.
    For more information on bike rental/accomodation, please visit https://jimmylewisoffroad.com

    Jimmy stated 12 riders/learners is optimal.

    Post up or PM me if interested.

    Please await further PM/Instruction as we are getting closer.

    Interest list:
    1. Typeamark
    2. FatallyBitten
    3. thecoldman
    4. Motobillb
    5. MrsEndo
    6. Vivian
    7. advmoto66
    8. Notime
    9. DrunkMonkey
    10. IanInCalgary
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  5. Bonnie & Clyde

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    Jan 10, 2006
    Gardnerville NV
    Orders T-shirts & Cups

    Please check back later for more information to follow.

    - B
  6. spafxer

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Last years Pahrump Rally was a real

    become a part of history and join us !

    End of Daylight Savings Time so we have an extra hour to get home. :snore

    HBSURFDAD Oops, Sorry Supporter

    May 15, 2016
    Huntington Beach. CA, USA

    I am working on a good little bike loop, a bit Kaptslow and LAB2V mixed. I will ride red rock canyon this year as well.
  8. Davethestick

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    Davethestick is in. Will not miss this.
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    Apr 2, 2009
    Still recovering from DVNR, but IN.
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  10. rjnutt

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    Well it’s about time!!! My favorite Rally....
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  11. Team Vegas

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    Jan 23, 2011
    In, trucking in with a small enclosed trailer for hauling bikes and sleeping.

    I will lead the easy loop through death Valley like two years ago.
  12. headstaller

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    Jul 22, 2011
    Norco, CA
    I will sweep..... with better kickstand :jack
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  13. Team Vegas

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    Jan 23, 2011
    We can call it “The Finish What Chu Started Loop”:eyes
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    from todd157's library

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    WTP, are we on the 4th year already. In, at least as much as I can commit to 8 months out. :drink:dukegirl:freaky:muutt:beer
  16. Team Vegas

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    Jan 23, 2011
    Well that’s weird.
  17. advmoto66

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    Dirt Bike Nirvana Phoenix, AZ
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  18. scyth3s

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    Oct 15, 2017
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    COUNT ME IN, FAM. I'm sure I can learn to ride a bike by then.

    We must do whatever it takes to get the top billing on that sign, that should be priority #1 for this rally.
  19. SpongeRob

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    May 10, 2007
    Corona, CA
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  20. Fatallybitten

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    I am in!