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500KM weekend in Palawan, Philippines

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Day Trippin'' started by Broski88, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Broski88

    Broski88 Adventurer

    Aug 18, 2020
    Palawan, Philippines

    Overall it was a awesome weekend.
    The trip started off with w me heading to a small town by the name of Port Barton, about 2.5 hours north. So far this is actually my favorite little town on the island, It typically has a nice vibe to it with a little tourism, nice small eateries plus this is where the majority of my friends reside here. This leg of the trip was mostly uneventful as it is ( for the most part) all pavement. I, most often am a slow rider, I like to stop often, have a coke in the shade and just smell the roses so to speak, so I arrived much later than most others would have doing this ride.

    I met up with a group of friends ( 5 or 6 of us) at a small resort ( Beso's hill top resort) we spent the evening catching up over dinner and a few drinks.
    We all met back here bright and early to hit the road.

    Now our end goal was another small beach resort about 3 hours north, this leg of the trip was when things got fun.

    After some coffee and a nice breakfast we take off about 9:30am. Now there is a proper road going most of the way to our destination but, where's the fun in that, so we opt for the (short cut).
    The next few hours consists of unpaved "roads", muddy trails, washed out hill sides, foot paths through little villages and so on lol. This route has it all.
    Directly after leaving town w get into some super muddy areas, but we all make it through with out any incident.

    One thing that used to make me super nervous when first arriving here is the numerous tiny wooden and bamboo bridges you'll need to cross once off the beaten path. I've gotten somewhat used to them now so it's no longer an issue.

    We buzz along for a while and once over the mountain we wander into the Town of San Vicente, a little town with not a lot going on.
    We all stop and grab a couple drinks and rest a bit in the shade before moving on.

    After San Vicente this are is Uncharted territory for me, I've been farther north many times but never on this little archipelago jutting out into the Sulu sea. This area is super remote, really nothing to speak of aside from a few tiny houses and an occasional veggie stand. No gas, no grocery store can't even find a pack of cigs if you wanted.

    We continue on, following paths winding in and out of Palm trees towering high above.
    after a while we find black top again. This is a developing country and there is a lot of developing going on, new roads are constantly popping up and often built in sections so you may switch from concrete to dirt many times on a single road.

    So like I was saying we hit pavement again, long wide twisty road leading over a mountain, on the other side going down there was the most beautiful view of the sea, way off in the distance I could see our destination, Binga beach.

    We slowly make our way down into the valley and find our place, we arrive at Binga Resort.
    This place is not yet open, it's still under construction but the owner hopes to have it ready whenever tourism is possible again.

    It's a quaint, native style "glamping" establishment. We all park our bikes under the covered parking area and head for the lounge area to rest a bit.
    We all sit around and chat for a while, I meet the owner and his wife. ( very nice ppl)

    My original plan was to return to barton after the ride but a couple members of our group decide to stay so I say I'll join em, why not?

    We all divi up some cash and the owner sends one of his guys off to fetch us some beers for the evening.

    We dine on a dinner of Bilabo, kind of a Native Filipino beef stew and rice. ( deish)
    We all sit around sipping our drinks and relaxing then at some point someone pulls out a guitar, it turns into a proper festivity lol. This is allll too common in the Philippines, we continue passing around drinks then someone gets out the native gin, shots are had by all.
    By this point we're singing along w the guitar, laughing and have a great time, I over hear the bald member of our company talking about hair for like 45 minutes hahaha, then all of a sudden........

    I wake up in Pain......
    Laying on the front porch, head about to explode.. I cant find My damn shorts hahaha, no phone, no wallet, nada hahah. My brains functioning at about 20%..
    I finally manage to pull my wits about me, the others finally appear, we all sit rather quietly and nurse our coffees and breakfast.

    After a time a bit of life reappears in me and I make my way down to the beach, cool little path through the coconut grove and across a tiny wooden foot bridge.

    It's amazing what a good swim can do for a hangover lol
    I enjoy the vast beautiful beach all by myself, not another single human to be seen.
    That's one big bonus about this country for me, countless extremely beautiful beaches all to myself, it seems like every road leads to a beach lol. It hasn't been ruined by tourism yet.

    I bring myself back to life and make my way back to the Room, I shower, wash some clothes by hand then rest in the sun a bit before gathering my things to head back home.

    I say good bye to our extremely generous host and w promises to come back soon (I certainly will)
    I Twist the throttle a bit, pointing the front wheel toward the next adventure.

    118397745_343102310062313_8111988684990331304_n.jpg lyg.jpg thtd.jpg szsw.jpg kfkkv.jpg thfhtf.jpg kytdkty.jpg lut.jpg kgtf.jpg

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  2. Hedonist222

    Hedonist222 Been here awhile

    Jul 25, 2014
    Dubai,Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    I love the make-shift mud guard - diving fin

    would love to visit Palawan for diving