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6000 miles in 12 days on a G310GS

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by stevetheb, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. stevetheb

    stevetheb mashed potatoes

    Dec 13, 2017
    Bend, OR

    • Finally put 10,000 on the odometer. I finished up a 12 day, 6,000 mile ride to Texas and back, going through every state South and West of North Dakota. I even included an 18 hour iron butt day from Black Rock Desert to Cuba, NM via highway 50, just to do it. Pictures are on Instagram @steveth3b.
      Of note: you get about ten miles of extra range when the throttle is backed off after you hit the low fuel light, and 1 mile of range. The 2.9 gal gas tank will take 3.019 gal.

    • The Scorpion exhaust from my Rally Raid kit ate itself. I dropped the bike at low speed trying to cross a 2' snow patch, and it landed mostly in the snow, but mainly I just scratched up one of my Barkbusters, and broke my screen. No scratches on the exhaust, and it got a crack in it 1900 miles later. I washed it, and noticed a 2" hole in the bottom next to the mount. Over the course of my return trip, I used 3 patch kits to try to mitigate some of the noise to no avail, but lost most of the underside of the can. It was loud. Rally Raid did contact me back about replacing it, and I'm paying cost plus shipping to receive a new can. I also ordered another windscreen, and will be making sure that my handlebars have zero contact.
      Other than that, the 310 is perfectly capable. It does suck on the highway without the added wind protection, and will go 80-90 mph, but at the cost of range. Expect not much past 100 miles on a tank WOT. Wind and terrain also affect mileage. If I lived in the heartland, I would probably sell the 310 and go for something that can get me elsewhere faster, and a little more comfortably. For short commutes, and a couple of hours of time daily, I don't see it being much of an issue. I might eventually get a Honda 750 for longer trips.

    • For Oregon, and all of the twisties around here and limited speed limits, the 310GS is the perfect little bike. Anywhere else this applies goes as well. It is perfect for impromptu off-road stints. Picking it up after a drop isn't bad at all. I did order barkbuster bar end weights, as I've been off the bike since Thursday, and still feel vibration in my palms, maybe I'm just part of the motorcycle now.
    • IMG_20190525_065957.jpg IMG_20190526_064852.jpg IMG_20190531_153131.jpg IMG_20190604_203712.jpg IMG_20190604_071334.jpg IMG_20190528_173302.jpg IMG_20190605_165907.jpg IMG_20190605_070117.jpg IMG_20190529_173508.jpg IMG_20190526_121645.jpg
      The Shinkos have been amazing. Not much fun in the mud, but I didn't drop it, and I didn't get stuck. That's all I need. They also stick to wet pavement very effectively. 80 mph through Texas downpours (with hail!), and zero traction issues. They also carried me up and down some steep Jeep tracks. I had a blast these past two weeks.