7" Race Light install on wr250r

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    Hey Inmates, I've seen a few running trail tech or Cyclops 7" race lights on their Wrr but no detailed install threads. There is mention of having to extend or move wiring, but I found that swapping out the OEM front fender to a flatter profile mx fender allows you to keep majority of wiring on stock bracket/locations.

    Notice the black plug on right side of image..that is the exception for one that can't stay on its original bracket tab, as it prevents headlight frame from fitting on forks:

    With running the old 1999 yz250 front fender, I had to shim it with plastic spacers I previously had from Lowe's. Unfortunately only running the front two bolts but seems stable enough as the headlight rests on the fender:

    The only other modifications to brackets were, I had to bend out the brake cable guide mount on the lower triple clamp, and I ended up removing the upper cable guide completely. Also removed both OEM headlight mounting brackets that sit on inside of each turn signal. I'm not happy with the cable routing being a bit crooked but it should be fine.

    I had no idea Trail Tech discontinued lights . In my case this light is a H1 bulb vs the stock H4. It took me way longer than I'd like to admit getting wiring right but if you're running a Cyclops it's already a H4 so it's a plug n play .

    IMG_20200405_183706864.jpg IMG_20200405_183651195.jpg IMG_20200405_183843502.jpg IMG_20200405_183608491.jpg

    Haven't rode yet, hopefully wires don't get too hot resting on inside of light. If I have any issues with it or fender I will report back. Stay healthy
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