73 CT3 shop Manual

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    First post on advrider so please bear with me. I am a long time lurker and only created an account a year or so ago so I could keep track of some of my favorite threads. I apologize for the long read, feel free to skip to the end for why I am here.

    Personal bike history - At the age of 12 I “found” an old cb200t surrounded by rusted out lawnmowers in the shed by my grandmothers farm house. It had apparently been sitting there for 20+ years. After dragging it home, I fired it up and used it as a dirtbike for about a year before my lack of knowledge allowed the cam chain to eat up the tensioner. The engine then sat disassembled in my parents basement for the next 10 years or so.
    While the cb200 was still running I purchased a kz200 off a middle school buddy for $60 after the chain broke and cracked the crankcase. A dab of silicone and it also was used as a dirtbike for several years.

    Today I have put an additional 6k (road miles) on the cb200t after rebuilding it in 2010 and getting it titled. The kz200 sits in a shed by my parents house and hasn’t been run in a few 7? years.

    My wife and I are expecting our first child in November and now she feels the 200 isn't the safest thing to be commuting on due to the bikes lack of size and my size combined doesn't allow for swift acceleration. The wife wants me to retire the cb200 and use it for recreation only. She mentioned allowing me to purchase a larger bike for commuting. So I was looking at a 500 shadow my brother in law has in his shed of project bikes. But, what caught my eye was a tagged 72 Yamaha 175 enduro stripped down and used for motocross. Forget bike commuting - I’ll drive my truck.

    I believe it is a 73, it hasn't run in a while but did feel like it had decent compression. Neck bearings are shot or really loose. Primered grey. $100. So before I pick it up this weekend I already know I’ll need a shop manual. I guess this is my way of asking if anybody has a pdf copy of the shop manual for the 1973 Yamaha CT3.
    I've tried yamahaenduro . com but I’m having a hard time getting past their required intro.
    I plan to clean up the frame & motor with new seals/ gaskets over the next many months to use for a trail bike come next spring. I know I will need a lot of assistance as my only experience with 2- strokes are chain saws and weedeaters.