790 Engine quality/reliability

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    Your Mom's in RI
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    I got into that tale. Quite an epic, with a badly broken toe (complete with gory photos) and three bikes stranded in the wilderness.
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    I own a Tracer GT, have put 14K miles on it. It's a great sports touring bike and is hard to outrun by anything in the twisties. I find it comfortable for long days (500+ miles) with a taller screen and a better seat. The engine has great power and acceleration, I have no idea how the bike mentioned earlier got beat by a Tenere, it's not even close with two properly running bikes. Anyhow, the luggage is fairly small on the Tracer and they don't seem to like topcases, it can cause wobbles at higher speeds for some folks. When I tour I use a backpack strapped to the back seat and have never had an issue. My longest trip was about 3300 miles in 9 days of actual riding and I was still ready for more but weather chased me home early. I can't compare it to the 790 yet because I'm still waiting for mine to come in, the reason I lust for a 790 is for off road capability to do some of the BDR's and backcountry exploration out west. The tracer is just fine on dirt and gravel roads although the side cases and dash are a bit rattly.

    I have also owned a Tiger 800 XC and liked the bike except for the fact that the trans gear ratios sucked. Triumph put a close ration gearbox in an adventure bike making 1st gear too tall and 6th too short so you had to compromise either on the highway, in the woods or both with stock gearing. It was also not confidence inspiring in the twisties and carried it's weight pretty high. The larger diameter front wheels affect handling because it's got a longer contact patch at slow speeds but also a larger gyroscopic influence at speed.

    Did you ever make up your mind and pull the trigger on something?
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    790 IS a big dirt bike.
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    I haven't traded yet as I am in the process of moving from Savanna Ga. Back to Kansas.

    I did ride the Tracer 900 GT and it is very fun and comfortable.

    I also sat on Guzzi V85TT in the showroom but no demo rides allowed.
    It feels like it might be a contender but the dealer network might keep me away.

    The 2020 Vstrom and the 2020 Africa Twin both appear to be comparable so I need to check into them.

    The Versys 1000LT is also one I plan to check into.

    KTM wise, I'd have a hard time picking the S over the R unless the seat height is too much.
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    And really shitty tires for a big bike in mud..