9 days departing NoCal - What could I achieve?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by tricky., May 15, 2020.

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    Jun 19, 2013
    Ok so due to the economics of the pandemic, I need to burn 5 days of vacation before July 1. That instantly got me thinking I should get in some quality iso time on the DR.

    So I'm thinking of putting together a 9-10 day riding trip starting from Sacramento CA on a Friday and going over a week and two weekends. I'll be on my DR and searching for as much dirt as possible. I'm going to aim for late June too, to give the snow every chance of melting.

    These are my ideas so far. Would love input on any likely weather conditions that may prevent travel or anything else (road closures, park closures etc.).

    First Option - Eastern Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 of the ORBDR through to the border then jump on the IDBDR south (I think its from stop 6) to Jardbidge.
    Second Option - Pick up the TAT and just blast east until likely snow stops me (Colorado probably?)
    Third - maybe stick to the cascades and continue the BDR into washington
    Fourth - I hear there is great single track everywhere in Idaho but not sure of the good loops.
    I dunno - what else you got!? Happy to do something a little more challenging than the BDR and eager to explore more of the West! Already done UTBDR, AZBDR, NVBDR, Baja. Happy to do a hodgepodge of trails too.

    Appreciate any suggestions or cool GPS tracks or anything else. Also this is just planning so if the current situation gets worse and it looks like the ride is not possible, oh well I guess Ill just buy a play station and a VR headset and become a motogp champion for a week.