938 Miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway (mostly pics)

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  1. GF-kam

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    Aug 19, 2013
    Great Falls, Virginia, USA

    i camped once along BRP trip from Skyline ( Front Royal ) all the way down BRP to Telico Plains. Sad to see the general condition of campgrounds.
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    Great info, read it all yesterday and today.
    Thoughts on a ride I'm planning for July?
    Leave work in Phila Thurs afternoon, curse traffic in DC, arrive at Shenandoah River State Park hopefully before dark.
    Friday ride SLD/BRP from front royal to Willville MC camp.
    Time to squeeze in a visit to the D-Day memorial on the way?
    Saturday ride from Willville to Altapass then head east to Sevierville (19/25/411).

    Overnights my buddy needs to plug in a CPAP and I like a morning shower.
    Not thinking much off bike as we have done lots of it before, just have not ridden it.
    Meeting family and friends Saturday in Sevierville for a weeks vacation, seems like a fun & scenic way to get there...

    Took all the way until page 78 before Beer was mentioned!
    Can you buy it at the farmers market near Willville?
  3. Lowndes

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    Jul 13, 2016
    Yes, the Market in Meadows of Dan on Jeb Stuart sells beer, along with several other stores there. Seth has Chaos Mtn Brewery on tap at the Twin Valley Rally that makes a VERY good porter which you can't get here in GA.

    BE PREPARED on the BRP, I got snowed on twice a week ago down near Asheville.

    Have Fun!!