____1984 Xl60r ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by bayrunner, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. bayrunner

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    Hey Guys____ I currently own a “79 XL500s, and have been eyeing the XR650L”s for awhile now as an “ALL AROUNDER” motorcycle. I value dependability, handling, parts availability, low maintance, all the good stuff. .Recently a”84 XL600R popped up, and I’m wondering the PRO”S and CON”S of the last two bikes. Are they THAT much better then the”79 XL500s ? ?> ? ? ? > Thanks in advance____ BAYRUNNER
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    Yes the XL600 is better than the XL500. More motor and better brakes.

    The XR650l is better than the XL600,again more motor and better brakes. And it has that MAGIC button.

    I know. I made the same progression...
  3. tbirdsp

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    Mar 22, 2002
    Suspension is a huge step up too, at least from the 500 to the 600...
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    I dunno, XL500's are actually pretty cool bikes, but probably only from a historical/collector/Luddite perspective...I wanted one more than the XL600 that I've got now, but in retrospect the XL600 engine is a big step up. The XL600 has a drysump, plus the RFVC head.

    Usually the older dualsports are gonna be THRASHED, so plan on throwing down money on the carb (two carbs with the XL600, btw) rebuild. If the bike was well taken care of, snap it up.

    the XR/L is much more common since the production run went for over 10 years and they never changed much except the graphics. You should be able to find a nice one for low bucks i would think. magic button is nice but so is the simpler carburetion, although from what I've read it doesn't have the same power as the dual carb XL600 did. I think it's a pretty nice bike. I had one, and after I did "Dave's Mods" to the carburetor and removed some of the smog crap, the thing had much better throttle response.

    Just beware that the XR/L is a much taller bike, like 36" tall saddle height and heavy as hell.

    That's what I know.

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    the xl600r has a bit more power and is faster on the road than the xr650l (xrl) the xrl is better in the dirt, due to it's upgraded suspension. also, the xrl hasn't changed much since '93; there are lot's of parts/gadgets for it. I do like the simplicity of the xl600/xl500 (no estart, battery optional), although e-start can be nice.

    my dream honda on/off thumper would be a xr650l frame with a xl600r or xr600r engine in it, still street legal in most states and good power and off road performance.