A bucket list ride to Alaska

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  1. Shawnee Bill

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Just read this, a few years late. Thanks for sharing and good for you taking the TW200 on a ride like this.
    I took a trip to Alaska in 2008 on a 650 V-Strom. In order for my wife to make the trip (part of it anyway) I rode to Bellingham, my wife flew to Seattle and we took the Ferry to Whitter. Rented a car in Anchorage and toured Alaska for 5 days. Then my wife flew home and I rode the bike home. So a little different from your trip but many similarities It was a great trip. We loved the ferry!

    I really need to get a TW!
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    Love your trip. I also enjoy smaller bikes, currently I'm on a wr 250 r.
    My budy talks about taking a ferry to Alaska and getting off at different port to explore for a few days then hopping back on doing the same further up the line.
    I have to wonder if this is possible and how expensive it would be.
    Anyone have a clue about this?
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    Feb 9, 2014
    Our next trip is exactly that. My understanding though is you need reservations for the ferry, so lots of planning. Drove the motorhome to Ak in 2017 and made no reservations or plan.
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    Oct 30, 2012


    Departures from Bellingham to an Alaska port are really outlandishly expensive. Thousands of dollars for a person plus even a small motorcycle. I did it as a retirement bucket list ride so I don't regret the cost. I didn't have a fixed route plan when I did this trip a few years ago. A shorter distance option that I was thinking of doing was to ride from Haines to Denali NP then Homer. If I did that I would have either tried to quickly sell the motorcycle or just have donated it to a Goodwill in Anchorage and flown home. But when I arrived in Haines the weather forecast wasn't good for that route so I did a much longer ride back home which was hindered by the wildfires that year. I enjoyed the Alaska Marine Highway ferry ride but it isn't a luxury cruise, in fact a luxury cruise line would have been less expensive - but not what I wanted to do.