A few questions on Bicimaps MX atlas

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    Mar 10, 2008
    I realize that there a couple of other threads dealing with MX gps maps but wanted to ask a couple of questions specific to Bicimaps...

    1) Do they include info on all of Mex's Pemexs?
    2) I read somewhere that bicimaps will erase all other maps on the GPS. Is this correct. Will it wipe all the US maps that came loaded on my Nuvi?
    3) How much info is included about hotels, resteraunts and crap like that?
    4) ...and now for the subjective question...Is this the best single map-set for a tour of the country that will include most areas of the country?
    5) How quickly are the bicimaps atlas delivered. do they come as CD, SD card or are they downloadable. I'm leaving in less than 2 wks, should I just go with garmin's crappy MX map-set to be somewhat sure that it'll arrive in that time.

    ...opinions and known facts equally appreciated,

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    Jan 13, 2006
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    Have it and like it for what it is. Leaving for a Baja ride tomorrow , so this will be brief. Get two good paper maps - mine are filed away or I would give you my recommendation for main land; for Baja, it is hard to beat AAA and the other other one in my tankbag....) - and the Mexico Atlas software. I tend to ride off the beaten path. The software often missed gas stops - many are popping up adn it doesn't tell you where the barrel gas is. It was off by as much as 5 miles for some small towns. On the other hand, it found and allowed me to auto route some obscure dirt roads (a lot of pavement has been done in the last 2 years in Northern Mexico & it wasn't showing up). While not a perfect solution, by far the best Mexico software I have used to date. Can't say much about the rest- attractions, etc. Really don't bother looking, though it might be helpful in a larger city. I just pull over and ask a few locals.