A LIttle "Warning" about the RENTHAL Fat bars

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Ricardo Kuhn, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Sep 20, 2001
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    out of all the bars I sold about 30 of them are RENTHAL's(because I can cut them narrower than any protaper) I never have a problem with them before but I'm becoming aware on the last few days that maybe the LEFT side of them will have a discrepancy on the diameter..

    as longest I know this is only a problem on the new shipment that I got,in fact I measure all the "old" ones I have and they are under spect(the feature a increase grip on the left side via "knurled" (star pattern,diamont plate look ))aparentlly the Operation when to far casing the "peaks" to be to high incresing the daimeter to a point the heated grip will not fit(the instrument cluster does fit)

    so you have two choices
    A) you can send them back to me to be modified
    B) you can do the Modification your self ussing a flat file and shaving the crest of the little mini mountains,the peaks are about 0,3 of a MM higher so just a gentle pass around the daimeter of the bar will be suffient to solve the problem

    Sorry about this I was just not aware of this problem and for the same reason i never adress it in any way or form