A look at northern Québec

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    Looks good.. must be cold camping this far north.. Thanks for the link to your slideshow :thumb
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    The temperature is highly variable. It can be as low as 0C the night and 26C during the day. One day we didn't know if it would snow or rain. It rained and it was around 2C.

    Usually the are a lot of moskitoes, blackflies and the like but this year almost nothing. The dryness caused by the lack of snow this winter helped with this situation.

    It's a must see for those who are interested in electricity production. There is a free ride and visit into LG2 powerplant. It has an installed capacity of 5.3 Mwatts. The drive you into the plant by bus 30 feet below ground and you can see the alternator assembly and all the installations. It's all in french though, maybe when there are english speaking people, they translate the presentation. The dams are not a wall of concrete. These dams are more like an enormous pile of rocks built with materials found locally.

    There are two roads that lead to the area. One is all paved and has been made to support 500 tons. The other one joins the first but after 400km of gravel through the taïga. This gravel is like marbles and the bike danses all along. After a time you get used to it and catch how to steer securely.