A Question About 2wd Rigs

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Crush, May 23, 2010.

  1. Crush

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    As I contemplate building a sidecar rig for one of my bikes, I have also been admiring a new Ural Patrol, particularly the selectable 2wd and reverse features.

    I can see where reverse is a good thing on a heavier rig, but I am wondering about the 2wd.

    For those of you who use a 2wd rig, does the 2wd actually help anything other than dig you in deeper where you shouldn't be anyway?

    I do plan to ride some remote 2 track and am wondering if 2wd helps all that much. I realize that everyone rides differently and has their own level of comfort off road.

    Does 2wd allow you to get in and OUT of more places or does it only help get into places where you need a winch to get out.

    Are there any other 2wd rigs other than a Ural?

    Thanks, Dennis
  2. windmill

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    2wd on a rig is just like 4wd on a car or truck, You'll almost never really "need" it, but it is great to have when You do.

    There are other 2wd options, prices start at $16k not including bike or labor. http://www.mobec-international.com/index2.php

    Yes, there are times when 2wd will add many miles to Your ride.
  3. Brain

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    2wd, don't leave home without it! :lol3

    We have used 2wd quite a bit. The trick is use it before you need it and you can drive right through the tough spots, it's easer on the rig that way.
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    There is also a domestic source for a full-time 2WD sidecar combo, WITH reverse gear as well....
    Designed to match up with a GL1800, it combines a trike style rear-end setup with a sidecar body/frame hanging on the side.



    Base price is $14,000 before paint/labor/etc.

    I think it is a kinda cool idea, but would personally do without the running boards and maybe the air dam to increase ground clearance.