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A ride out to Culross - Fife

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Day Trippin'' started by ishmac, Mar 24, 2020 at 11:15 AM.

  1. ishmac

    ishmac Been here awhile

    Sep 6, 2011
    Central Scotland
    My original plan was to take out the Suzuki V-Strom thou for a run as it's been lying/neglected since the Honda Innova ANF 125 arrival in mid January. So as I brought the V-Strom out all polished/gleaming I pressed the starter button but to hear a horrible fast auto clicking sound, dead battery...!!! Pushed back into garage and connected it up to the Optimate battery charger etc......annoying stuff.

    My next and only choice left was the Honda ANF Innova. As time was closing in to self-isolate (cv19) thought I wouldn't ride too far just in case.....and play it safe.

    I rode first to Kincardine, this is the rear of the 'Scottish Police Training College;

    [​IMG]No entry by APM Photography, on Flickr

    I found the local Kincardine Parish Church for a photo opportunity;

    [​IMG]Untitled by APM Photography, on Flickr

    Next I rode out to Culross in Fife, wOw such a beautiful/quaint/scenic village, full of character.
    Here's a photo with Culross Abbey;

    [​IMG]Culross Church by APM Photography, on Flickr

    Top end of Culross village;

    [​IMG]Culross - Scotland by APM Photography, on Flickr

    In the heart of Culross village there's beautiful cobblestones;

    [​IMG]Cobbled streets - Culross by APM Photography, on Flickr

    On my return travels home I stopped off at a local Motorcycle dealership which had displayed signs saying it was presently closed due to cv19.

    [​IMG]Motorcycle dealership by APM Photography, on Flickr

    A really enjoyable ride out on such a small machine.

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  2. manshoon

    manshoon Been here awhile

    Mar 10, 2009
    :dukegirl Looks Good.
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