A short one to lower Himalayas

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    Nov 17, 2009
    I happen to visit Chakrata, in the province of Uttra-khand in India last weekend. This year it had not snowed anywhere and Chakrata is no option. However there were certain patches where there was snow.
    Route taken-
    New Delhi- Saharanpur -Vikasnagar- Chakrata. In total 330km distance.

    Last 100km road is bad.

    Here are few photos from the trip.
    (Shutterbugs, kindly excuse on photo quality as gear used was Samsung Galaxy Alpha)

    2016-02-04 13.59.39.png

    2016-02-04 14.00.22.png

    2016-02-04 14.06.45.png

    2016-02-04 14.08.23.png

    2016-02-04 14.01.08.png