A Short Ride with a Friend on 990 Adventures

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    Several years ago when @Pyndon was giving a Races2Places talk in SF Paul and I had bumped up into each other on the forum as we preplanned routes. We met in real life world at the talk.

    We began planning a desert ride. These kept never happening. In fact our initial planned ride up to SF never happened thanks to my work pranging itself shortly before and trash canning my plans to leave early and use some of that twelve weeks of vacation that kept stacking up.

    Anyway, a couple of months ago we had planned a ride to a museum for an Adventure display, in fact Basil Bike was there. Pretty cool. Only my bike chose that day and thankfully only a block from the house for the ignition wires to break inside the bottom ignition cap.

    From that we began more planning that became what is now a short ride up from LA/OC area to somewhere sort of the middle of California, but not quite.
    Sort of like this:
    September Route.jpg

    And of course some prep was involved since we aren't riding dirt, camping or cooking outdoors a lot of stuff is not needed.
    For me that meant hard cases, lots of room and oh, yeah the Sunday afternoon before we sort of start I find my key turned to ON, and a completely flat five year-old Shorai battery. Not really the battery's fault as I was in the habit of leaving my key in the ignition in the garage and our grandson has advanced his climbing abilities to the point where he can scramble onto the big 990R about as fast as I can.


    Totally fearless barefoot on off-road pegs. I can't do that.
    Oh, and he is fascinated with buttons and switches and I made the mistake of showing how the key works to make all those lights come on and the pump whirr.
    No idea when he or I left the ignition on, but it was long enough to discharge the battery to 195mV.

    Luckily 3 Brothers is open on Monday so a quick call there secured a replacement as well as the fancy charger I'd always meant to buy and never remembered to. I mean I had that tender.

    That didn't work.


    Checking the old battery for revival

    So far so good, if this holds I have a spare at worst, or somebody else can get a five year old used battery for cheap.

    I'll check the recovery when I get home from this ride.

    Now, I need to go change to riding gear and finish the last packing items.


    more in a bit...
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    I’m in. Best of luck to you and Paul.
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