A World Of Dirt...On A 500exc

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    Yep, I'm not interested in adding the distraction of taking pictures while in motion to riding's other risks, and if I stopped for every scenic vista I'd get nowhere, so the narrative is fundamental.
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    One more perspective. I do it all: ADV, IG, FB, Twitter... I follow you on IG. Each of these serves a purpose, and tends to attract a particular audience. ADV is great for the immersive deep dive into a story. IG is eye candy, and generally little of the story. Frankly, what I like least in the ADV threads is that comments from other readers can quickly clog up a thread; they affect the narrative flow. On IG (and most modern forms of social media), comments are hidden unless one intentionally opens them up. For ADVers, I may be in the minority on this point, though.
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    I don't do IG and I occasionally go on FB but don't particularly care for it.
    I don't come here to ride reports too often except when I get bored (no offense).
    I've done a few ride reports over the years Baja, Moab, BC but I always posted them in the regionals because that's where the people I ride with would see them and I never thought I was good enough to post here in RR.
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    I've never done IG. I watch some videos on YT but most of the travel moto ones are really boring to watch. I love forums, I like to see the pictures and read, but I also like to read real magazines and books. I like the fact that forums are searchable easily. I like being able to post and hear back from the OP.

    I think people aren't writing RR as much because it's a ton of work, travel has significantly gone down due to Covid and there's the opportunity to monetize on IG and YT in a way that's not possible on ADV.
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    Paul, Not sure I will add anything of substance beyond what has already been stated, but here is my opinion...

    I love a good story about motorcycle travel and gain inspiration from, or live vicariously through, a well written ride report. I have a select few inmates that I follow and subscribe to their threads. I rarely comment and more frequently (although not a lot) like posts. I find many of the comments by other inmates on ride threads to break up the flow of the ride report and rarely add anything to the substance of it, unless they pose an interesting question that the author then responds to. The other superfluous comments, I could live without.

    I do have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, as well as subscribe to a few select YouTube channels. I initially came to ADV, ThumperTalk, TriumphRat.net and Triumph675.net as a place to probe for additional tips on farkles, maintenance and other bike specific information and was quickly drawn to the ride reports. I too, find them a bit of a replacement for printed motorcycle magazines of my younger days. I appreciate the effort and time commitment it takes for inmates to create and update a well written ride report. Absent the narrative and the immersion in the experience that only the authors story can tell, I find threads of pictures just don't engage me. I do like pictures included with the report, but if it is well written, they aren't even necessary. More like the toppings on ice cream... they add a bit of dazzle, but a great bowl of ice cream still satisfies my sweet tooth.

    I utilize Facebook primarily to stay caught up with friends and family, Twitter for professional articles, Instagram for the pictures, and TicTok for mindless entertainment. If improving the analytics for authors helps them feel better about the effort that they put into writing their posts, I'm all for trying to find ways to help with that.

    I just know that I hope the good authors continue. I continue to enjoy those threads more than anything else on the forum.
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    All good,,, yes,,, a bit of a story line then some photos...

    Most folks enjoy the good stuff :clap

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    Okay, I'll bite. What's with the remote?...
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    @kubcat , thank you for expressing a different point of view, and one that honestly aligns with my primary use of the forum. I've read more content on ADVRider since COVID than in most of my preceding membership time combined. Working from home allows me to do so, and to explore areas of the forum that I wouldn't otherwise. However, as I start to migrate back to the office, that time will again become limited and I will revert to my primary use, or to truly unique, engaging ride reports. That's not saying anything against the remainder of the content, but rather how I wish to spend my limited time.
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    In your wife's hand????


    I agree with most. I dont do social media, this is it for me. I love the RR's that make me feel like I am vicariously there. I dont have a propensity to hit the like button often but I promised Paul I would try harder.
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    I like ride reports. I like the pics, anecdotes and videos. I try to remember to vote with the like button. Keep 'em coming!
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    I'm a big fan of both rtwPaul and Dave 6526. They are two of my favorite's but there are several others that I follow as well. There is a wrong way to post a RR but I can't tell you what is wrong, some just don't hold my interest.
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    This has been very interesting. I’m probably one of the responders that others find clog up the flow, but I feel that establishing some minor connection to the OP is part of the give and take of what they are trying to do in posting their report in the first place. If all they are after is dumping their memories with no desire to have an interactive audience, I don’t think they would be posting here in the first place. I may be naive and way off base, but that is how I look at it.
    I, too, am primarily about the narrative. I love good photos added to that narrative that link everything together, but I would rather have interesting narrative by itself as an RR than a bunch of photos with just a few words added in. My visualization of the area is secondary to reading what the OP’s interaction with the locals and/or impression of the area they are riding through is.
    I think meeting those standards must be pretty tough and I know they are far beyond my capabilities, hence the lack of RR’s posted by me, but I truly appreciate the investment of time and energy by those that are capable and motivated.
    How to differentiate between different levels of quality of RR’s is hard because every reader is looking for something a little, to a lot, different. Breaking reports into more specific categories would still have folks digging through threads trying to find ones that fit what they are looking for.
    I’m willing to dig a little to find what I like and get surprised now and then by finding something I hadn’t seen before that fits what I’m looking for.
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    Some comments on the reports are nice, and/or likes, if only to keep the original poster aware that his efforts are appreciated. It's only when they start to take a life of their own, go off in a tangent for few pages, that they start to interrupt the flow of the trip report. That's when I would, as an original poster, want to be able to hide them.
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    I would assume it's sarcasm, or irony (I don't think that's the right word, but close). I believe he is trying to joke that most people only see what he is showing in his picture via TV, whereas he is actually out there in real life seeing it.
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    Firstly, I very rarely comment on ride reports, and I often forget the 'Like' button exists. I have been trying to use the 'Like' button more after comments in several ride reports from the authors regarding engagement.

    I also fall in the spectrum of appreciating the narrative with pictures to support. I will probably never circumnavigate the globe, so I read and live vicariously through those that do. A picture of a border crossing in Africa is pretty, but it tells me nothing of the struggles the author may have had with regards to expected bribes or power hungry bureaucrats. Reports like @rtwpaul, @rtwdoug, @Tan101, the couple on CT90s, and @LittleWan are the type of reports I come here for (just to name a few stand out writers).

    I also much prefer the very linear thread style of forum conversations compared to the tree style of sites like FB, Twitter, & Reddit. Video can do a good job of conveying the effort a difficult section required, and overhead drone footage is just downright cool. However, video requires a higher level of dedicated time to consume. I can't pop in and out of a video like I can with a ride report.

    I would support giving some moderation ability to the RR author. Some side bar conversations can be helpful to the overall narrative, and allowing the author to decide whether questions are worthy of engaging makes sense. A forum moderator just passing through may see clutter where the author and thread followers see valuable conversation and engagements.

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    I read a lot of the threads on ADV, most by a catchy title, or someone's I've enjoyed reading before. I don't post often, mostly because I don't think its my place to interrupt the OP. It's their ride. Let them tell it. I thought that's what the like button was for, so it doesn't clutter up the thread with pages of "in", or "subscribed". If there is a way to shut the comments off and only see the OP entries that would be great. I might even be able to follow a female riders thread.
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    I have been a lurker for a while now and do not usually post.
    First off, Paul, your reports are great. Reports like yours are the reason we read them. Great work, love 'em! The photos are top notch, you have a great eye.
    Lets let the author of the report guide it please. Things going way off topic and pages of opinions can really clutter up a good report. (Even though I am leaving one now)
    I agree some opinions can be relevant to the report and helpful which is great if they are just not when they start to wander way off topic.
    You know what they say about opinions and this is simply mine.
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    There's a thread for that.... https://advrider.com/f/threads/adv-get-rid-of-chatter-and-read-in-peace.1216948/
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    @rtwpaul I’ve enjoyed following your travels for the last few years...all the way back to your SuperTenere travels. Your photos and approach to travelling are inspiring. It’s great seeing the 500 loaded up. Braapingkiwi and TheRollinghobo were my original inspirations to go that direction but seeing you also take the leap was the final push. I’m on Phase II of my build now and have been using the bike for enduro as well as Snowbiking through one Canadian winter already. It’s a brilliant platform.
    Figured I’d drop you a line before the last few pages of this RR end up in the basement. Cheers!
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