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    Thermarest Neoair xtherm max I think is it's called the one I have, it's rectangular not tapered. I can't remember all the designation crap it's gray has a really high r value and was the #1 air pad when I was doing ultralight backpacking and it and rocks. I use mine with a Thermarest ultralight cot and got the lady a big agnes Q Core SLX something or other. She seems to really like it and it's slightly thicker than my Neoair with raised edges so she doesn't roll off but it does have a lower r value. As much as I hate setting it up every night and taking it down every morning my favorite piece of sleep gear is the cot of all things even with the pad it's a lifesaver. But I have 2 herniated discs in L4 and L5 and am about to have a fusion so there's that.
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    Yep same here, a cot really has improved my moto camping comfort as I've gotten older, particularly too that I am a side sleeper.
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    Plus 10 on Exped going above and beyond ! I have an Andromedea tent I wanted a well ground sheet for , it's an old model no longer made . Eped found two in Norway and because on of their guys was going to come to the States he packed them in his personal luggage and shipped them to me from NY ! Many other times they have gone over the top for me , can't say enough good in dealing with this company !
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