? about Hwy 390 (aka Moose-Wilson road) near Teton Village, Wy

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    My wife and I will doing a loop on the 2014 R1200GS Adventure from Rexburg ID, to Teton Village, then to Yellowstone, then back to Rexburg.
    On Basecamp, I see Hwy 390 which is also called Moose-Wilson road.
    It appears this is mostly paved, but shows a section as dirt.
    Can anyone tell us about this road?
    We are skilled as 2 up riders on maintained dirt roads, but don't want any surprises. :eek1
    Attached is the section near Teton Village with the road in question.
    The total loop is like this: Rexburg Id, Hwy 26, Hwy 31, Hwy 22, Hwy 191, out of Yellowstone at the west entrance, Hwy 20, Rexburg. About 300 miles for the day.
    If anyone has a suggestion for other short segments of good, graded dirt roads, I would appreciate the suggestions! :D

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    I'd say it's way better than going through Jackson in summer unless your into that sorta thing. It's a good road you will be fine on it and it's REALLY pretty over there and less crowded. There is gravel after teton village but it is so easy a harley could do it. If it's wet you may not like it. The gravel (and the whole road) is "streetview"able on google maps just zoom in and have a virtual stroll down it if you are unsure.