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    Ok, few months late to this party but worth sharing.

    My friend and I were three days in to our two week Pacific Divide Ride. I was in front and heard his code word for "I am about to go down"("Oh SH!t") on the headset. I look behind me to see a cloud of dust, then his figure emerges through the clouds. Feeling relieved, I turn around to go give him some good natured ribbing. Turns out the "good natured ribbing" would have been fine. The pain was in his shoulder and not his ribs. He then proceeds to show me his brand new skill at making his shoulder sprout a new growth, and making it disappear again. Cool trick but not something you want to ride another 2000 miles with. So we proceed to the nearest medical assistance facility. 20190722_140411.jpg
    I was on the phone to a friend at the time, when I heard a chopper spooling up for takeoff. Sensing a great photo op I hung up on him and captured this beauty!

    Doc tells him to ice it and immobilize it, and get plenty of rest. So we head to a nearby restaurant for beer and burgers and contemplate what to do now. Hundreds of miles from home is not easy to do "as directed". We find the nearest campground, get a bag of ice and head out.
    The nearest campground had nothing to do with camping. It was more what true city-slickers imagine what camping should be. Airstream trailers for rent, satellite T.V., swimming pools, and all together vomit inducing for people who more closely follow the words of extreme budget adventurer Jeremy Rhydes when it comes to sleeping on a trip "Camping should be free!" We then proceeded down the road which unfortunately was nearby a major national park where dispersed camping was out of the question. So with his new magical shoulder we continue down the road another 20 mins and get to the next campground. Definitely better but still wanting a little more "unrefined" we continue another five miles down a bumpy dirt road.

    This is part of a full write-up I am working on but I will cut it short to keep it on topic.

    So we spent two days at one place to let him heal. Then his interpretation of ice and plenty of rest had ended. He then proceeds to tape his shoulder up and is ready to roll. 2000 miles later and several fallen trees hacked out of the trail and bushwhacking un-maintained tails, as well as me thinking "You cant ride the Pacific Divide, as well as the WABDR without conquering Babyhead hill!" lead us to the finish line at the Canada-Usa boarder.
    Now after reading this section as well as seeing the posted X-ray, I don't know how he did it. Is he Superman? NO, but pretty close in my mind. Well done sir, well done.
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    Had the same injury about 13 years ago after going over the handle bars. Had always ridden enduro bikes with universal tread. Bought a used XT350 with "death wings" for tires. I mistakenly expected the same predictability on the tires but they slipped out on a slow speed (30mph) off-camber dirt road corner. Put me into an embankment over the bars and landed flat on my back. Seperated the shoulder and cracked a rib. Still have a big shoulder bump and sometimes have a loosey goosey feeling in that shoulder, but otherwise no discomfort. I would recommend physical therapy to keep it from freezing up and/or losing mobility.