Across Americas - Discovering the New World on a motorcycle

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    What a wonderful adventure and journey. Thanks for letting us come along. Looking forward to more stories and touring of your country. :clap
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    greece athens
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    Arg.. is it over? darn, i want more.

    Thank you for writing it all up. i feel like i have been with you all this time..

    Tusen takk
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    Congratulations on the journey!
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    Great to see you back home safe and sound.

    Thanks for the very entertaining ride report!
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    And some "numbers"...

    The New World V.10 – Statistics!

    By: AlexMD On May 14, 2013 in Blog, Part V, The New World

    From time to time I get some “technical” questions about our trip. How many kilometers, how many days, how many problems and so on (yap, the question about money came up also). So, I thought I should put together some broad “statistics”. My purpose is not to give exact figures (they would never be of any help to anyone) but general ideas that might be useful for a future planning of a similar trip.
    I. The route:

    • 18 countries
    • 3 continents
    • ~57 000 kilometers
    • ~285 days on the road

    This trip can be done in less time and we could have done it but we already felt like we were in a hurry. We would have wanted to have more time, to slow down even more in some areas. This kind of trip can be a continuous “struggle” between the desire to spend more time in an inviting place and the calling to get back on the road, to discover what’s after the next curve, to meet more people and see more places.
    II. About the motorcycle:

    • Although I was not the first owner, it gained our trust completely with its ability to function without any problems
    • Consumables we changed along the way:
      • 10 oil filters
      • 2 air filters
      • 29 liters of oil
      • 3 front tires, 5 rear tires (due to some unforeseen event)
      • 1 low beam light bulb
      • 2 front sprockets, 2 rear sprockets
      • 4 chains (1 Non O-Ring, the only kind we could find in Patagonia)

    No major technical issue. The only problems we had were independent of the motorcycle, there were collateral: one ugly flat tire in Mexico and unexpected tire wear out in Patagonia.
    Mileage: between 4,2 liters/100 km and 5,4 liters/100 km.


    I am not experienced with motorcycles. I only had one before Gunnar and rode a few others for a short while. But as far as I noticed the VStrom was the best choice for us given the type of travel we had. Big enough for traveling with a passenger and luggage but small enough to fit some places we would have find it harder to get to otherwise. The mileage was decent most of the times, around 4,5 liters/100 km and the engine never complained about the type of gas we used (we had some cases when we weren’t sure about the type of gas we fed to Gunnar).
    And the most important thing of all: the motorcycle never broke down. Never. Nothing happened. We made sure we did the oil change and other consumables on time and that’s all we did. It started each morning without problems. And it took us back home safe and sound.
    And I hope I will never have to sell it and it will take us without problems to other great places onwards.
    III. What about money?
    Well, that is pretty easy: we started this trip without material help from anyone and Andreea and I decided to travel as long as we are enjoying it and money allows it.
    We didn’t make a sum up but we tried to stick to 50$ per day. This means gas, food, accommodation and others.
    There were days when we spent more (a lot more) and others when we spent less. All in all I think we got pretty close to 50$/day.
    Stepping aside from the money matter I would like to state that we would never have gotten so far without the help of our friends who stood by us along the way. Friends in Romania who helped us with different items (sleeping pads, primus, and others) and moral support and wonderful people we’ve met along the way, who started by hosting us and ended up as friends. We might not have had money sponsorship for this trip but as it were it was really better like that, it’s hard to find real friends if you stay in 5 stars hotel.
    That’s it for now. If I forget something, leave a comment.
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    Alex and Andreea,

    Mulţumesc mult!!! I enjoyed riding along with you both on your wonderful journey through this ride report. Your warmth and enthusiasm in sharing your adventure here is more beneficial than you could ever know. :clap

    Safe travels in the future and someday, if you see a tall smiling American riding through your homeland of Romania, please wave and say "buna" to him. (it just might be me) :D
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    Thank you so much for the most excellent ride report. I've enjoyed every word you have posted. I'm quite sure you have enjoyed every mile you have ridden. Thank You for a most excellent report, good luck with the rest of your life. Thanks
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    I spent the last few days reading through your entire report. There were some places I've visited in the past and many, many places I'd like to visit someday.

    Thank you for your views and insight along the way, the great pictures, the wonderful story-telling.

    Perhaps if I'm in Romania again (I was there in 2005) I will stop by for a visit.

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    Hey Jamie!

    Thanks for the nice review. It feels the trip was just yesterday and at some point we will have a great fun re-reading the stuff we wrote here :)

    Yes, please let us know when you will be in Romania. We would be more than happy to show you around, help in any way we can. Since we got back we had quite a lot of travelers passing by and we enjoy very much their stories and trips.

    I am currently working to update the English version of in order to include info and ideas about Romania, in the hopes that more people will not go around our part of the world :)

    In a week it should be ready and I will post an update here as well :)

    Take care guys! And start planning your trips :clap