Adding a Battery to a 2007 XR650R

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    As stated above I am trying to add a battery to a 2007 xr650r. The bike has an Electrosport high powered stator (esg440). When we purchased it, it had a dead baja designs kit on it (battery was dead, RR was not functioning). I cannibalized what i could (headlight and brake light) and tore out the aftermarket wiring harness as it was a MESS (previous owner thought himself an electrical wizard, and decided to not follow the wiring diagrams, solder and messy connections were everywhere!). Went back to factory wiring harness.

    I've looked all over, and I'm tired of digging, so hoping I will find someone who knows the info here to save me the headache.

    The stator has two 100w legs coming off of it, that are currently not used. Do I wire one of these legs to a RR, then the RR to the battery?

    What RR is best?

    What size battery am I looking for to run the lighting, and possibly a fan/charge a gps down the road? Any recommendations?

    I really appreciate any info yall have, would like to get this done and settled asap! Thanks all!
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    Go to thumpers forum, XR650r electricity thread,page 48
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    Search for posts by RideFreak on the XR650R Electricity thread, he did a sweet battery box setup once and the best circuit diagrams are his.