Adelaide to Adelaide, over three months, via tarmac. ???

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Island in the Salish Sea
    Two bikes, but one is a CanAm Spyder, so no unpaved roads...

    I'm thinking...

    Up the middle to Alice Springs and Uluru in late November...any issues there? Road quality? Fuel availability? Weather? Scenic, or don't bother and google it instead? We're not collecting destinations, we're trying to have some fun and enjoyable experiences.

    Follow through to Darwin or turn right earlier and head for Cairns? Is there a preferred route for road quality, scenery, fuel, etc?

    Turn right and head south to Brisbane. Follow the coast or head inland or both? Why? Weather there in early December?

    Keep heading south to Sydney. Coast, inland or combo? Christmas in the Sydney region? Suggestions for a nice, quiet, affordable place to hole up for a week or ten days?

    Head toward Melbourne...any must sees? Or must avoids? Head inland to do some riding in the hills?

    Take ferry to Tasmania for a couple of weeks. Do go here? Don't go there?

    Back to Aus and return to Adelaide for end of Feb.

    Any and all suggestions welcome. I've always thought of it as being clockwise travel to get out of the north country before it gets really hot? We basically have nowhere we have to be and no schedule to get there. Camp or don't bother? I like perfect conditions. Not really a cost issue although this is not an unlimited budget adventure... we will probably motel or AB&B most of the time regardless but don't want to get caught out in the middle of nowhere without shelter either...
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    Apr 23, 2006
    Might want to post in the regional forum, too.

    Road is fine up the middle, it's the main road, no big choices, plenty of fuel, roadhouses etc.
    Late November will get you into the tropical wet season, the hotter/stickier/wetter the further north you get. Lasts until late March-late April.
    = possible road closures because of earth slips/ mud/ flooding creeks+rivers.

    Scenery going north and turning either east or west from there...mostly flat, endless, brown, undulating scrub.
    Again, not many sealed options getting you to the coast either side.

    Drier seasonal weather pattern below the Perth->Brisbane level, many sealed roads and scenery along the coastal strips following the Great Dividing Range which runs from
    Melbourne along the eastern shore right up to the tip north of Cairns.
    Tasmania is a must, work on spending more time down there, it's a riders' heaven.
    AB+B ok along the East coast, virtually non-exist (or as/ more expensive than other options) throughout the Outback/ West/ Inland.

    Camping is best in those areas.....if you don't mind the swarms of flies/ insects.
    Particularly around that time = breeding season.
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    Oct 24, 2010
    Island in the Salish Sea
    Thanks for the thoughts.
    Not so much enamoured with flat, undulating scrub, ...nor hot, wet and stickie, so the Dividing Range to Cairns and back down to Tasmania it is then.
    Throw in a bunch of wineries and a little beach action and I think we'll be able to make an adventure out if it.
    Thanks again,