ADV curious.....VStrom 1k, Yam Tenere, other?

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    Aug 3, 2007
    I compared the two in '17, test rode both, and ultimately went with the S10 for the following reasons:

    -Low maintenance shaft drive
    -Cruise control (VStrom didn't have it then) works GREAT
    -Immediate power right off idle felt a little stronger than Strom
    -Handling far more balanced than I would've guessed for something so heavy
    -Suspension felt a little plusher, yet well controlled
    -Feel, appearance, details struck me as higher quality

    The VStrom did feel thinner and lighter, which was a pretty big deal, but didn't overcome the above items.

    And I'm not a Suzuki hater, having happily owned a '06 VStrom 650 for over 10 years.
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