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ADV Jacket vs. Sportbike Jacket

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by KLR_Henry, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. KLR_Henry

    KLR_Henry n00b

    Jul 31, 2019
    Orange County, CA
    Hey Everyone,

    I am going to be heading on an 8 month adventure ride from Morocco to Vietnam next year (thread on that to come later) and I am looking at gearing up for that trip now. I've been riding with a mesh sportbike jacket for the past couple of years (the older version of a Dainese Air Frame D1) and I am thinking of upgrading to a proper adventure jacket but I don't know if the cost is worth it. I am going to be doing a lot of long distance hiking along the trip so I already have an insulated down layer, windproof layer, and a bunch of long sleeves. I've been happy with riding my mesh jacket plus various layers for the past years, but I've never HAD to ride through rain/cold/inclement weather and I know there will be some of that if I'm on the bike for 8 months.

    So, given that I am a KLR rider (AKA cheap bastard) what is the big difference between ADV jackets and sportbike ones? Is it really worth it to drop a couple hundred on a new jacket or would I be fine making sure I had the right layers to add to my old mesh jacket when things get hairy? And if I can get away with layering up, what layers do you folks recommend I make sure I have nice sets of?
  2. Snapper

    Snapper Long timer

    Oct 10, 2003
    SW CT
    If you’re sticking to the road, then it may not matter much. But if mixing in off-road, expect some falls, and bushwhacking with tree branches constantly smacking you, then the tougher Cordura shells of the ADV suits will likely fair better. I have a Vansons mesh suit that’s nice for hot weather and have a compact OR Helium II jacket/pants (for rain/cold) that packs tiny inside my tankbag, but the thing will shred in a fall or tight woods riding.
  3. Boricua

    Boricua Long timer

    Jul 3, 2009
    Parker, CO (Suburbia, Generica USA)
    8 Months in the road calls for a good outfit. All weather (mesh is not), durable, and most important comfortable. I'm an all weather (except snow, that is just plain stupid) rider. However, I don't have to deal with tropical weather conditions. I would chose decent adv touring gear. No it does not have to be expensive gear. Just decent. However, I see most riders in these trips sheding gear as they progress. Most finish in tshirts and shorts.
  4. shrederscott

    shrederscott Long timer

    Mar 19, 2014

    I live in colorado, and ride a KTM 350 as an adv bike, ride everything from single tract to freeway.

    I use the Kim Induction mesh jacket ...it has a sport bike design.

    It works GREAT for me ! ! !

    Most adv design jackets have tons of worthless pockets and other un-needed features that make those jacket to hot and heavy for me.

    Stick with the jacket you have so long as it has good impact pads, chest, spine, elbow shoulder.

    Just add a light weight over the top rain jacket ...I use the marmot precip, packs small and light

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