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    Aug 12, 2011
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    I recently did a trade for a Dongfang SST DF50 (baby Ninja as they’re sometimes called) that was not running but I liked the bones of it... so. Did the trade.

    After ripping off all the cheap brittle plastic, and really seeing the frame I really liked it!

    So I went ahead and put in a new big bore kit, and 23mm carb for a 150 scooter I had, and bumped up the pilot jet a size.

    The variator weights were too light (4g) for the big bore kit and severely worn and flattened so I have new ones on the way, I’m guessing 6g would be best but maybe 8g?

    The stock low handle bars were horrible, so I put on some fat bars I had and big difference in comfort.

    I’m still figuring out the the exact configuration, but am thinking when I get to a new paint scheme I’m going with the “Husqvarna orange” for the frame, black for the rest including the engine.

    I also have some new Kenda scooter knobbies on order. In the photo the wheels/tires look really mismatched, it’s an optical illusion with how my handlebars are turned and angle. They are the same size.

    To date, I have about $250 into it. Thoughts on things to do?

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    No cylinder cooling shrouds?

    150cc carb on 139QMB engine, even with BBK displacement, is probably going to give you a LOT of grief . . insufficient throttle bore velocity to fully raise slide assembly?

    All these modifications also enhance the odds of connecting rod and crankshaft bearing failure. What a pile of excrement for the next owner to deal with!
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    Put a decent air filter on the engine, AND come up with one for the belt case. Most cvt scooters have minimal filters on the belt case, but most don't do much off-roading.