ADV Westfest 2015, Gunnison CO. August 6th,7th and 8th 2015

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    Looks like a great time. Thanks Delta21 for stepping up to host.

    Too far off now, but I'd love to come:deal
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    Jul 23, 2009
    Central WV
    I'm definitely interested in this one. Have been wanting to head back west and this looks like about the right time frame.
    When will we need to confirm and pay to get in on this and a tee shirt?


  3. delta21

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    Mar 20, 2006
    halfway to where you want to be
    I don't have an exact cutoff date for the t shirts, but it will probably be around the third week of July. I'm not going to turn anybody away because I know we can be "a last minute, cant make up my mind, oh shit is that this weekend" group:D, but I'll need to let the Dude know how many shirts to print a couple of weeks out........

  4. DuckWV

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Central WV

    I will put it on my calendar.

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    May 14, 2007
    ToC / Nuevo Mexico
    Just saw this, WF returns! :clap
    Im putting the dates down and am a dam strong maybe. :deal
    Will know for sure after Jan
  6. katbeanz

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    On my radar, GS or thumper. :hmmmmm Anyone local know if the ghost town of Vulcan is all private property? :ear
  7. Oddfellow

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    Aug 26, 2002
    Austin, Texas
    Planning on making this one. Looking forward to riding the Gunnison area!

  8. delta21

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    Mar 20, 2006
    halfway to where you want to be
    I'm not sure if Vulcan is on private property, but if you like ghost towns like I do Gunnison County is the place to be;


    • Abbeyville 1882-1884 formerly Hillerton, 2 mi N of Tin Cup, abandoned. Founded by C.F. Abbey.
    • Aberdeen 1890-1891 7 mi SW of Gunnison
    • Allen 1881-1892 stagestop, formerly Barnum, located at confluence of Indian Creek and Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, PO moved to nearby Gateview in 1892
    • Almont 1882-1913 formerly Fisher's Ranch
    • Alpine Station on W end of Alpine Tunnel, RR facility for workers servicing the tunnel. All buildings but the depot were destroyed by fire in 1906. Although parts of the town were rebuilt, the railroad tunnel was abandoned in 1910. The Forest Services maintains an informational display for visitors.
    • Anthracite 1887-1947 Ghost Town aka Smith Hill and Cloud City, coal mining camp N of Crested Butte servicing Smith Hill Mine. 6 men were killed in an 1883 avalanche. Several building remain.
    • Argenta 1880-1881 renamed Tomichi
    • Ashcroft 1880-1912 formerly Chloride
    • Aspen 1880-Present now in Pitkin Co.
    • Bacon ghost town NE of Almont
    • Baldwin 1883-1949 the name Baldwin applied to 3 distinct places which were near each other. Baldwin the RR stop became Castleton.
    • Baldwin (New) 1884-1949 serviced the Mount Carbon and Alpine coal Mines, renamed Mount Carbon
    • Baldwin (Old) 1883-? Company town owned by Rocky Mtn Fuel Company which serviced the Baldwin Coal Mine. When the mine was abandoned so was the town and so was the name. New Baldwin took the name.
    • Bardine 1903-1908 RR stop close to Somerset
    • Barnum 1876-1881 stagestop at confluence of Indian Creek and Lake Fork of Gunnison River, renamed Allen in 1881 when Benjamin Allen purchased the ranch. Later the post office was moved a short distance away to Gateview.
    • Belleview 1880-1881 mining camp 2 mi from Gothic, abandoned
    • Bittner 1905-?
    • Bogan's Camp small way station for teamsters in Spring Creek Canyon equi-distant between Moscow and Almont
    • Bonita NW of Doyleville, RR siding on Marshall Pass
    • Bowerman 1903-1910 Bowerman was a town founded upon a hoax. JC Bowerman announced in 1903 that he had discovered huge amounts of gold in Hot Springs Creek above Waunita Hot Springs. The town was abandoned after the hoax was discovered. Some ruins remain along FR 763. It was also known as Nugget City and Camp Bowerman.
    • Bowman 1880-1915 formerly Grandville, stage stop on Taylor Pass. It was renamed Bowman when John Bowman ran the site. Abandoned.
    • Braddock camp NE of Almont
    • Cameltown 1881 Founded by Al Campbell, it was located 2 mi E of Carter Mine on Gold Creek, destroyed when mine was expanded, aka Campbelltown
    • Cameron 1893-1920 mining camp, renamed Spencer
    • Cameville 1882-1890
    • Camp Bowerman See Bowerman
    • Camp Creek 1894 aka Vulcan
    • Camp Crescent 1881 Short lived mining camp at the base of Granite Mountain on South Quartz Creek.
    • Camp Genter 1925-1930 abandoned
    • Camp Harbert 1880 renamed Forest Hill
    • Camp Sterling ?-1904 Ghost Town located near Bowerman and named after founder K.C. Sterling
    • Camp Willard 1880-1881 Founded by gold prospectors Willard Frances and H.C. Nicholas on Cochetopa Creek. The ore turned out to be low grade and the site was abandoned.
    • Castleton 1882-1894 Coal town at confluence of Carbon Creek and Ohio Creek.
    • Cebolla 1888-1935 site now under Blue River Mesa
    • Cebolla Hot Springs Located next to Powderhorn. It was founded by AJ Store who built a hotel and bathhouses at the site.
    • Chair Creek at junction of Chair Creek and Crystal River
    • Chance 1894-1901 Abandoned mining camp in Southern Gunnison County near Saguache County line.
    • Chaney 1892-1894
    • Chipeta 1881-1882 renamed Naturita
    • Chloride 1881-1882 formerly Ashcroft & renamed Ashcroft again
    • Citizen camp near Baldwin
    • Clarence 1881-1892 Located at the junction of Carbonate Creek and Rock Creek, next to the town of Marble, and in 1890 the two towns merged into Marble. It was founded by John Mobley and William Mason.
    • Claud W of Crested Butte, may be same as Cloud City
    • Cloud City See Anthracite, 4 miles from Crested Butte, may be same as Claud
    • Cochitopa Ute Agency E of Gunnison
    • Conger camp on Spring Creek NE of Almont
    • Cookville on D&RGW RR, SE of Crooksville
    • Cooper's Camp NE of Crested Butte
    • Copperville 1897 at mouth of Rudolph Gulch along Cebolla Creek, abandoned. Serviced the Cashier copper mine. No buildings remain.
    • Cosden 1883-1893 Formerly Wagon Town, Healsburg, El Tinjos, and Redwood. It was stage station at junction of Canyon Creek and Tomichi Creek. The remains of the old smelter can still be seen.
    • Cotterville 1880-1883 renamed Garfield
    • Cox 1903-1905
    • Crested Butte 1879-Present Crested Butte, coal mining town founded by Howard F. Smith and his partners. The coal was used to fire the Colorado Fuel and Iron Smelter in Pueblo. The last coal mine shut down in the 1960s. Crested Butte began a new era as a ski resort when the first gondola built in 1962.
    • Crookstown 1904-1906 D&RGW RR station 24 miles from Gunnison
    • Crookstown / Crooksville 1878-1885, 1904-1906 D&RGW RR station 24 miles from Gunnison. Founded by Cyrus Crooks. Also known as Crookstown and Crookston. Contained a section house, water tank, Post Office and School.
    • Crystal 1881-1909 It began as a silver mining camp and its power plant supplied the Sheep Mountain Tunnel. It is accessible by a poor, nail-biting 4 wheel drive road from Marble. The power plant is one of the most photographed structures in Colorado. See it's photograph at the top of this page. In 1884 a Mr. Howell began the first marble quarry near Crystal. Some structures have been restored for seasonal use.
    • Curran 1880-1880
    • Dayton 1897-1911 located S of Gateview along Lake Fork of Gunnison River, RR stop and post office.
    • Del Dorita 1882-1883 mining camp on Deldorado Creek, 1 mi E of White Earth. The town was abandoned after 1 year.
    • Delta 1882-Present now in Delta Co.
    • Denny's 1879 aka Willis, abandoned
    • Dinner Station 1880s abandoned
    • Dollard 1960s-Present NW of Gunnison
    • Dorchester 1896-1912 formerly Taylor City, on Taylor Pass, 2 miles below Bowman. Serviced the Star Mine and Enterprise Mine. In 1900 it was a stopping place for travelers coming from Aspen via Taylor Pass. Abandoned.
    • Doyleville 1876-1969 Named for homesteader Henry Doyle. It was briefly named Gilman, stage stop for Barlow & Sanderson stage, RR stop on Marshall Pass
    • Drake 1881-1882
    • Drew 1884-1886
    • Dubois 1892-1910 on Goose Creek NW of Powderhorn, formerly called Goose Creek. Abandoned.
    • Eagle City renamed Ohio City
    • El Tinjos 1883-1893 renamed Cosden
    • Elgin 1882-1885 PO moved to Waunita
    • Elk Creek
    • Elkhorn
    • Elko 1874-1901 mining camp, near Schofield and Elko Lake on South Fork of Crystal River. Founded by Willis McGlothlen. Also called Golconda. Served the Golconda Mine, Slim Jim Mine, Duke of Wellington, Hard Cash and Pride of Cinnamon Mines.
    • Elko 1881-1884 RR siding on Marshall Pass for loading hay and lumber
    • Elkton 1881-1893 Silver mining camp at head of Washington Gulch, N of Crested Butte. It was founded by prospectors M.J. Gray and Joseph McCay. At some point in its history it burned. It is still occupied by seasonal residents.
    • Emma 1881-1882
    • Fisher's Ranch 1882-1913 became Almont
    • Floresta 1880-1918 founded as Ruby-Anthracite, renamed Floresta in 1901, abandoned
    • Forest Hill 1881-1920 formerly Camp Harbert, on Trail Creek W of Taylor Park road, abandoned. Founded by Marion Harbert.
    • Fortch's on Crystal River
    • Floresta 1897-1919 Originally called Ruby - Anthracite. Located west of Crested Butte in the Anthracite Creek area. A narrow gauge rail was built from Crested Butte to the site to haul coal. The town name changed when the Ruby-Anthracite mine closed and the Floresta Mine opened in 1901. Some ruins remain and the site is accessible by foot along the old rail line.
    • Fulton 1894 aka Vulcan
    • Galena 1880 mining camp 3/4 mi N of Schofield Pass
    • Garfield City 1880-1883 formerly Cotterville, 4 mi S of Virginia City, burned
    • Gateview 1892-1895 formerly Allen, stagestop on Lake Fork of Gunnison River, superseded by Dayton.
    • Gilman 1882-1883 formerly Doyleville & renamed Doyleville again
    • Glacier Siding 1914-1915
    • Glenwood 1876-1884 near headwaters of Tomichi Creek, 1/2 mi above town of Tomichi, wiped out in 1884 avalanche
    • Gold Creek aka Ohio City
    • Gold Link ?-1913 mining camp 1 mi N of Raymond Mine, near Ohio City
    • Goose Creek renamed Dubois
    • Gothic 1879-1914 mining town on East River N of Crested Butte. President Grant visited the town in 1880. Gothic was all but abandoned by 1914 and had only 1 resident, Garwood H. Judd. In 1928 town was purchased and restored by Dr. John C. Johnson and the Rocky Mtn Biological Laboratory.
    • Grandville became Bowman
    • Grand Junction 1882-Present formerly Ute, now in Mesa Co.
    • Gunnison 1876-Present Gunnison, formerly Richardson's Colony
    • Haig RR siding on Marshall pass, used by Trinchera Lumber Co
    • Halls 8 miles W of Gunnison
    • Haverly 1880-1880
    • Hawxhurst 1882-1892 now in Mesa Co.
    • Healsburg 1883-1893 renamed Cosden
    • Hidalgo 1881 abandoned, just N or Pittsburgh
    • Hillerton 1879-1882 located 2 mi N of Tin Cup, became Abbeyville. Named after Edwin H Hiller. Most building were eventually moved to Abbeyville or Tin Cup.
    • Holland at junction of Milton Creek and Crystal River
    • Hopewell Located on Coal Creek north of Kebler Pass in the Ruby Gulch area.
    • Hotchkiss 1882 now in Delta Co.
    • Howeville 1879-1904 became Jack's Cabin
    • Iola 1896-1963 The buildings and PO were moved from Kezar in 1896. It became a resort on the Gunnison River and had a RR stop. It has now been buried under Blue Mesa Reservoir.
    • Iris 1894-1902 formerly Union Hill, mining camp located just over the border in Saguache County.
    • Irwin 1879-1890 Founded by 2 mining engineers, Irwin was located a quarter-mile from Ruby City. For awhile the towns were called Ruby-Irwin and finally just Irwin.By 1883 only the Forest Queen, Bullion King and Ruby Chief mines were still producing. Located on Coal Creek north of Kebler Pass in the Ruby Gulch area.
    • Jacks Cabin 1909-1918 formerly Howeville
    • Jackson 1873-1893
    • Kannah 1882-1882
    • Kebler ?-1917 lumber camp on Ohio Pass road at base of Kebler Pass. Nothing remains.
    • Kezar 1882-1896 formerly Stevens, PO moved to Iola
    • Kubler 1881-1946 mining camp SW of Crested Butte, near mine of same name.
    • Lake City Junction
    • Lake's Camp See North Star.
    • Lawrence 1883-1884 PO moved to Dallas, now in Ouray Co.
    • Lodge 1911-1920
    • Lorraine 1903-1906 Abandoned, 1 mi S of Bowerman. It probably began as a result of the same hoax that started Bowerman.
    • Los Pinos 1877-1881 PO moved from Uncompaghre, now in Montrose Co.
    • Madera Siding
    • Maple Leaf ?-1907 The Maple Leaf Mine is located just north of Sillsville on the east side Colo 114. It had a bunkhouse, boarding house and a stamp mill. Abandoned
    • Marble 1890-1942 Located on the confluence of Carbonate Creek and the Crystal River west of Redstone. Early miners in the area, including Sylvester Richardson and George Yule had noticed that the claims along Yule Creek had marble ceilings. The town was laid out by William Woods and William Parry. Formerly called Yule Creek. In 1885 the first marble quarrying operations began on Yule Creek, however they were on a small scale until the arrival of the railroad from Carbondale in 1906. The quarry provided the marble for the Colorado State Capitol, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial. Operations ceased in 1941. In 1990 operations resumed. Marble is accessible by paved county highway and is still inhabited.
    • Marshalltown 1880 renamed Sargents
    • Maurice mining camp near Marble
    • Midway 1894-1902 mining camp on Willow Creek between Spencer and Vulcan.
    • Minaret 1890-1896
    • Minersville 1861 abandoned, on E side of Anthracite Mesa in Washington Gulch, below Painter Boy mine, near Elkton
    • Montrose 1882-Present now in Montrose Co.
    • Morris 1886-1935 Mr. Horne and Mr. Mallette founded the town in 1886 and developed the Old Lot mining claim. It is located at junction of highway 149 and 27RD near Powderhorn, aka Tucker.
    • Moscow 1881-1952 formerly Turner, on Spring Creek, mining camp supporting Doctor Mine, abandoned.
    • Mount Carbon 1884-1909 It was located on Ohio Creek NW of Castleton. Founded by William Hinds as a coal mining camp servicing the Mount Carbon and Alpine Mines, It was burned and abandoned. Later the mine was re-opened as the Alpine Mine. After the mine at "Old" Baldwin closed, the town of Mount Carbon and/or Alpine was re-named Baldwin (New). It closed for good in 1946. Some buildings remain.
    • Naturita 1882-Present formerly Chipeta, now in Montrose Co.
    • North Star 1889-1894 formerly Lake's Camp, abandoned. Founded by Henry Lake. Serviced the North Star and May-Mazeppa mines. Abandoned.
    • Northstar 1900-1903
    • Nugget City See Bowerman
    • Nugget City 1895-1898 renamed Toliafero, on Goose Creek near Dubois, abandoned
    • Oh-Be-Joyful 1880-1882 Located on Oh-Be-Joyful Creek N of Crested Butte, renamed Tucson
    • Ohio City 1880 Located on the rail line between the Alpine Tunnel and Gunnison. It was also known as Gold Creek and Eagle City, located at confluence of Gold and Quartz Creeks. By the 1940s only 50 or so people remained. It is now occupied seasonally.
    • Old Man's Cabin 1879 aka Willis, abandoned
    • Oliver NW corner of County, RR stop
    • Omega abandoned
    • Orson 1882-1883
    • Oversteg 1882-1905
    • Paonia 1882-Present now in Delta Co.
    • Paradox 1882 now in Montrose Co.
    • Parlin 1877 formerly Tumichi, name changed to Parlin in 1880, stage station and transfer point for RR on Marshall Pass. Founded by John Parlin.
    • Petersburg 1880-1881 renamed Spring Creek City
    • Pieplant 1896-1910 Mining camp located in Taylor Creek drainage off FR742, founded by James Jenkins and John Lynch. Several buildings remain
    • Pitkin 1879 Gold and Silver mining camp on Quartz Creek. It was formerly called Quartz & Quartzville. It was also a rail stop on the line between Gunnison and the Alpine Tunnel. The town burned in 1989 and 1903. It is now a fish hatchery. Visit town link at left.
    • Pittsburgh 1881-1896 silver mining camp N of Crested Butte on Slate Creek. It served the Augusta, Black Queen and Excelsior Mines. It now has some new homes.
    • Powderhorn 1876-1881 Located 1.5 miles northwest of White Earth on Cebolla Creek. It was also a stage stop.
    • Prospect 1886-1890 at junction of Rapid Creek and Crystal River, 3 miles from Marble.
    • Providence 1898-1900 abandoned
    • Quarry Town Worker camp at the Yule Creek White Marble quarry.
    • Quartz 1879-1934 located near confluence of Middle and North Quartz Creek, abandoned, no buildings remain.
    • Quartzville 1879-1879 renamed Pitkin
    • Ragged Mountain 1919-1956 SW of McClure Pass
    • Red Mountain 1880-1881
    • Redwood 1883-1893 renamed Cosden
    • Richardson 1882 in Ohio Creek Valley, renamed Baldwin, then Castleton. Named for Sylvester Richardson who began a coal mine in the area.
    • Richardson's Colony renamed Gunnison
    • Roaring Fork 1880-1880
    • Rood City 1880-1881 renamed Spring Creek City
    • Ruby 1879-1895 formerly Haverly and Silver Gate, became Haverly again
    • Ruby City Founded by land promoter Charlie Chrispher, it was located only a quarter mile from Irwin, it was also known for awhile as Ruby-Irwin. Eventually it became part of Irwin. See Irwin.
    • Sage 1880-1882
    • Sandy Hook mining camp on Gold Creek near Ohio City
    • Sapinero 1882-1986 formerly Soap Creek, site now under Blue Mesa Resv., town was moved above the waterline.
    • Sargents 1880 formerly Marshalltown, RR stop on Marshall Pass, containing a roundhouse and depot, actually in Saguache County. Named for founder Joseph Sargent. In 1909 the town burned and little remains.
    • Schofield 1879-1885 mining camp, 14 mi SE of Marble on South Fork of Crystal River. Named for B.F. Schofield. Also called Scofield. 1 building remains.
    • Sheep Mtn aka Snowmass City
    • Sherrod 1903-1906 Abandoned mining camp named for W.H. Sherrod, aka Camp Sherrod & Sherrod Switch, on RR switchback to Alpine Tunnel, 1 cabin remains
    • Sidney 1881-1882 now in Pitkin Co.
    • Sillsville 1903-1910 Abandoned Mining camp servicing Sillsville mine, on Cochetopa Creek just north of Camp Willard. Ruins remain and can be seen from Colo 114.
    • Silver Center aka Snowmass City
    • Silver Gate Located on Coal Creek north of Kebler Pass in the Ruby Gulch area.
    • Smith Hill 1876 aka Anthracite
    • Snowmass City 1880-1886 aka Silver Center and Sheep Mtn, 1.5 mi N of Crystal
    • Soap Creek See Sapinero
    • Somerset 1903 NW of Gunnison on Hwy. 133, RR town
    • Spencer 1893-1920 mining camp, formerly Cameron, abandoned. Located at head of Wildcat Gulch and just west of Colorado 149.
    • Spring Creek City 1880-1881 mining camp on Spring Creek, aka Rood City and Petersburg. Serviced one of Gunnison County's largest lead-silver claims - the Doctor Mine.
    • Standish 1885-1886
    • Stevens 1881-1882 renamed Kezar in 1882
    • Stonington mining camp near Marble
    • Suttle 1882-1883
    • Taylor City 1900 renamed Dorchester
    • Taylor Park E of Taylor Park Resv.
    • Taylorville 1882 now under Taylor Resv
    • Telco 1917-1929 Abandoned lumber camp on railroad line from Crested Butte to Floresta. Founded by Henry Endner.
    • Tellurium 1880-1883 mining camp located near head of Tellurium Creek
    • Tin Cup 1880-Present Mining camp formerly Tin Cup, renamed Virginia City, then renamed Tin Cup again. The town burned in 1906 and 1913. Many original structures have been restored and the town is occupied seasonally.
    • Toliafaro 1896-1898 formerly Nugget City, on Goose Creek, abandoned
    • Tomichi 1876-1899 on Tomichi Creek 1.5 mi NE of White Pine, formerly Argenta, destroyed by avalanche in 1898, which killed 4 persons. Serviced the Magna Carta Tunnel lode. Cemetery remains.
    • Tucker 1896-1897 aka Morris
    • Tucson 1880-1882 abandoned mining camp, formerly Oh-Be-Joyful, on Oh-Be-Joyful Creek N of Crested Butte
    • Tumichi became Parlin
    • Turner 1881-1952 renamed Moscow
    • Uncompaghre 1880-1906 now in Montrose Co.
    • Union Hill renamed Iris
    • Ute 1882-1882 became Grand Junction, now in Mesa Co.
    • Virginia City (Tin Cup) 1879-1880 name change to Tin Cup
    • Vulcan 1894-1912 gold, sulphur and copper mining camp located on Camp Creek, formerly Fulton and Camp Creek, now Ghost Town. Serviced the Vulcan, Mammoth Chimney and Good Hope mines. In the early 1900s sulphur was mined and during WWI the mines produced copper.
    • Wagon Town 1883-1893 renamed Cosden
    • Wattson's Camp 1890s abandoned
    • Waunita 1885-1908 PO moved from Elgin
    • Waunita Hot Springs 1910-1942 PO moved from Bowerman
    • West Gunnison
    • White Cloud Located on Coal Creek north of Kebler Pass in the Ruby Gulch area.
    • White Earth 1876-1880 stage stop on Cebolla Creek 1.5 mi SE of Powderhorn. It was a ranching center and stage stop.
    • White Pine 1880-1954 mining camp on Tomichi Creek. The town declined after the United States demonetized silver. Some structures remain.
    • Willis 1879 aka Denny's and Old Man's Cabin, abandoned
    • Woodstock 1881-1884 Mining camp supported by the mines in Brittle Silver Basin on Williams Pass Road (formerly the Alpine and South Park Toll Road), destroyed by avalanche in 1884. The lumberjacks had denuded all trees from the nearby hillsides to build railroad ties. 13 people were killed, including the 6 children of Mrs. Marcella Doyle, the boardinghouse operator. The bodies were probably buried in Pitkin.
    • Youman in far south of county
    • Yule Creek became Marble
  9. CTDan

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Kansas City
    The annual family trip to Taylor Park is the same week. Would it be okay if I slid in on a ride or two while escaping from the fam?
    It would be good to meet a few of you and see some of the areas I haven't seen.

  10. delta21

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    Mar 20, 2006
    halfway to where you want to be
  11. CTDan

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Kansas City

    I'll keep an eye on this thread for more info and see you all at some point in August.

    I have a plated wr450 and a sertao that I'll have with me.... Which one should I bring?
  12. ChuckHazzard

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    Mar 27, 2005
    The corn state,11 curves in 318 miles (Iafalls IA)

  13. LuluOfDenver

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    Aug 11, 2012
    Denver and the world


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    Albuquerque, NM
    :lurk :norton
  15. NextHorizon

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    Big Sky Country
    Will be new to the ADV world come next spring when my new ride shows up. Rode CO in 2010 and planning another trip next year for some alpine roads. I am wondering if there are routes in mind yet and if I'll need to swap out tires. I would really like to make this. I used to do the West Bash with the XX forum guys and hosted one in Wyoming. I'll keep on eye on this. Thanks
  16. gunnygorge

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Gunnison, Colorado
    Gee, I guess I should go...
    It's 1/4 mile from my home to the KOA...
    Know the owner well, GREAT KOA...
    Haven't been to a WF since 09...
    I know a little (OK, I know a lot) about the area, 40 years worth...

    OK, I'll go...
  17. Exploron

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    Feb 18, 2008
    Prescott, AZ
    Sounds good. IN
    I actually like Gunnison a lot. Not touristy, good folks. Was there this past Summer kicking around and then checked out the CB Vinotok festival. Damn fun and hordes of the prettiest girls I've seen.
  18. Eurobiker

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    So we can sleep at your house? In!:clap
  19. gunnygorge

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Gunnison, Colorado
    Hahahahahahaha!!! Nope!
  20. delta21

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    halfway to where you want to be

    There are no organized rides.......But you will be more than welcome to follow any of your new friends anywhere you want.

    Do you have favorite color dress? Or should we just pick one out??? What dress size are you:killen

    BTW, welcome to the asylum:D


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    • an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.