Adventure Rider Fundamentalism: Utah minimalist style

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    Dude, it's Black Friday every day. You don't get that quality of craftsmanship and materials at that price except at discount. Go for it, get one for you and all of your friends and family. The first time you pull that tenderloin and jalapenos out of the fire and bite into it you'll understand what a bargain they are.
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    ^^^^^^ took the words right off of my adjusta fork. when I saw how cheap they were I bought 3.
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    ^^^ Clearly you righteous followers never owned a KLR
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    Who is Renaldo ,, really ?
    he/ she missing out on opportunity for negative spin of cool RR.
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    Inland from the coast of Santa Cruz and Trona.
    Wears a suit, PR....
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    Reading this, my first thought would’ve been that you were more poor souls suckered by @Joe Motocross. However, I have to admit that his fork toys actually can provide a good tasting meal. During one of my encounters, Profit Motocross shared some bacon wrapped chicken that he’d been slowly cooking over coals using an Adjustafork. At first I was appalled and disgusted at the thought of eating this gruel that he’d been carrying in his pack for who knows how long and had used his grimy hands to prepare for cooking. But as we chatted and the more the scent of smoked bacon permeated the camp, the more hungry I found myself. He offered some to me when it was ready and I initially declined. He was eating the stuff right off the fork and I was noticing how juicy it was and the look of enjoyment on his face. He was slugging Old Crow between bites. The Adjustafork was chocked full of chicken. Way more than he could eat in one sitting. He again offered some to me and I reluctantly tried a piece. While I find this quite barbaric, I have to say that the meat was delicious. Truly cooked to perfection with a perfect balance of smoked flavor.
    I had originally thought that this Adjustafork was just another scam. What I realize is that the Adjustafork is real and is very much embedded in the Adventure Rider Fundamentalist movement. These guys rely on it day after day for their evening nourishment. It also serves as a crude way that helps bind these companions during the evening when they are all cooking and conversing around the fire. While I initially would’ve reported this Adjustafork as being a hoax, the experiences I’ve seen and had won’t allow me to do so.
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    Careful Geraldo, you're starting to sound like a convert..... or an alter ego. :evil
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    We are talking about Utah, right? LOL
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    Yeah, I don't know what I'm thinking out here. Much better to be in a metropolis like Boston than in a town of 1000 people. I gotta get out of here! :imaposer
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    This is why I'm not concerned with Geraldo's comments. Because no matter how desperate he is for TV ratings, even he can't deny the ADV-F truth! :clap

    Back to the story.....

    I hit a paved road and it’s time to shift gears a bit. I’m close to a place that sells incredible goat cheese and bread. It’s only a few miles down the pavement. I decide to go see if I can get some food. Everyone is getting their last cutting bailed for the season.
    Day11c - 1.jpg

    Oh yeah! Jackpot. Perhaps the best cheese I’ve ever had comes from this joint. I yuck it up with the owners a bit and continue on my way.
    Day11c - 2.jpg

    I backtrack down the pavement to where my dirt route left off. There are numerous intricate routes through this territory but I wanted to go swimming so I chose well graded roads. The sights were over the top.
    Day11c - 3.jpg

    For some reason, to me, this photo is the epitome of desert riding. A lonely two track lazily winding toward huge mesas in a vast landscape. Nobody home out there. This really puts me into that heavy duty state of mind that I seek when I ride into the desert.
    Day11c - 4.jpg

    I’m blasting down a fast graded road when I catch a glimpse of this old Honda at this cat’s camp. I have to stop and see what his scene is. We are instant comrades. He is out seeking the same thing I am. Melancholy in a remote location. He has driven this wreck from Santa Cruz, CA to spend time in this experience. He states how powerful this place is for him. Yeah, I get it. He’s really into photography. Has been since he was a little punk. We bullshit about it and I pick up some tips from him. I’m thinking this guy is a world class surfer. He says he spends half his year in Indonesia surfing. My guess is he’s one of those quiet unsung heroes. I spend at least an hour hanging out and chatting on various subjects. He’s eager to check out another zone around here so I point out a region where he can find a good camp and do some exploring. I exchanged email with him but haven’t checked in yet to see how the rest of his journey went.
    Day11c - 5.jpg

    Next up, I bumped into this Adventure Rider. He’s waiting for his buddy who was helping a lady out who was solo on a bike. She was struggling in the sand. I chat with him about the Africa Twin a bit. I like those bikes and the automatic transmission is intriguing. He says he likes it. It’s not quite enough of a dirt bike for me but I like the Africa Twin.
    Day11c - 6.jpg

    The Super Enduro shredded this section of fast road. It’s hot and riding fast feels good.
    Day11c - 7.jpg

    Soon I’m getting a glimpse of the Big Reservoir. Time to slow down and start checking out some spots I’ve been wanting to see.
    Day11c - 8.jpg

    Day11c - 9.jpg

    If this doesn’t move you, you are not suited for the ADV-Fundamentalist following. Stay in your metropolis.
    Day11c - 10.jpg
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    We stumbled onto the Mesa Market last spring when we were on route to Moab. We had to stop as the small operation stood out in what I called the "Middle of no where" We had a great chat with Randy and picked up a good load of his fine products. He's a true character and his best line when I asked him about how he survived out here in the middle of nowhere was "I'm in the middle of everywhere man". I'd say he is a bit of Fundamentalist.
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    First post here. I’m really enjoying this ADV-F testament. I’m from Santa Cruz, Calif. also.
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    I'm curious Joe: Are you a native of the area you live in now? It's rare for someone to have your appreciation of home, at least not for folks who haven't left and returned after a long absence. These places and your pictures are beautiful; it mazes me that there's so much to ride and so few people. Thank goodness they can all swarm around Moab and leave the rest mostly empty!
  14. Joe Motocross

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    May 23, 2007
    Born in Michigan, bolted and moved to Colorado when I was 18 in 1987, moved farther west to Utah in 1989. My grandfather lived out here for a period installing and maintaining diesel powerplants for municipalities back in the day. "Down winder" time period. He loved drifting around the desert on his big Harley Davidson. Genetics are a funny thing.
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    May 23, 2007
    And He will spread out his hands in the middle of it as a swimmer spreads out ... for the water had risen, enough water to swim in, a river that could not be forded.

    Quite a fitting passage for this dammed reservoir. Where’s Hayduke?
    Day11e - 1.jpg

    There are some amenities down here because this is a huge marina and boat launch. The place makes me sick.
    Day11d - 1.jpg

    I’m here strictly to check out their supplies at the stores.
    Day11d - 2.jpg

    Perfect. Goofballs in captain hats. Aye aye sailor!!! Well, he probably thought I was a clown also. I would hope he had that goofy hat on for the sake of his little granddaughter who was with him. Somehow, I think it was just the way he rolls. Yacht captain.
    Day11d - 3.jpg

    Pretty slim pickings but plenty of options to throw on the Adjustafork if you had to.
    Day11d - 4.jpg

    There’s a liquor outlet also. Not a bad selection for being so remote. The one good thing about the state run liquor agency is that places like this can’t jack the price just for being out in the middle of nowhere. Everything is priced the same throughout the state.
    Day11d - 5.jpg

    Next I start chatting with this guy. He’s nuts. I like him. He packed his pickup, rolled the bike on the back, hooked up his aluminum boat with an outboard and punched it out of Indiana or Ohio, I can’t remember. He’d been doing a minimalist trip around the reservoir for the last 12 days in his boat!! Camping on the shore wherever he wanted. Sick. He needed a change so he decided to take a ride.
    Day11d - 6.jpg

    He rolled out with an extra fuel can saying something like “I hope I make it before I run out of gas”. Dude was on the level.
    Day11d - 7.jpg
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    “I hope I make it before I run out of gas”.

    A mantra for all of us. :D
  17. Joe Motocross

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    May 23, 2007
    It was past time to exit the marina shit show. I did enjoy the encounter with that last cat. I rode on and continued checking out different routes I haven’t been on before.
    Day11f - 1.jpg

    I’m about 15 or 20 miles from the reservoir now and this is the last stop for supplies.
    Day11f - 2.jpg

    I restock on paper towels which are the only paper I carry. This is another way to keep bulk down. Just grab as many as you need until the next gas station. This place always has frozen ground beef in 1lb packages. Perfect. My Adjustafork meal just came together.
    Day11f - 3.jpg

    I have about another hour of riding before I need to camp. I’m on fast atv trails that lead to the mobile home park where all the marina residents live. Weird existence out here. Good sand riding on smooth atv trails though!!
    Day11f - 4.jpg

    Holy shit! It was another perfect day. I was in seventh heaven on the SE and all the great riding. I kept stopping and practicing my selfie photography. It’s kind of weird taking photos of yourself. Vain? Whatever, I can’t be bothered. This was fun shit!!
    Day11f - 5.jpg

    This is uranium country. That is what created all these routes through the canyons.
    Day11f - 6.jpg

    My mindset was perfect. Enjoying the trails and beauty of the surrounding land was the only thing on my mind. No thoughts of the daily grind that was occurring back in society.
    Day11f - 7.jpg

    Seriously. This stuff is powerful!! Just seeing it is amazing but to ride a motorcycle through is over the top.
    Day11f - 8.jpg

    Right off the road I found a chunk of sandstone to camp on for the night. Hope there won’t be too much traffic coming through here, kinda close to the road! :lol3
    Day11f - 9.jpg

    The sun was setting, the beer was still cold, I was sitting in my favorite chair, life was good.
    Day11f - 10.jpg
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    Mmmm fireball and miricale whip! Hope you bought one of those fancy Captain’s hats!
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    Mmmmm, beans 'n beer: a powerful combination!
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    So, are you related to the Diesel Doctor from that area?