Adventure Rider Fundamentalism: Utah minimalist style

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Joe Motocross, Sep 5, 2019.

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    There has been some crazy snow along the northern Wasatch this week. I assume it's been the same down south. Get well.

    As an aside, I need to get a few adjustaforks to add to the beluga's kitchen. :imaposer
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    Joe- love the report and your writing! Seriously good photos too. Thanks for taking us along on your wild ride!

    I would like to hear more about your “day job” as an epilogue to this thread or in another. And more about the snow bike too. Hope your ankle recovers quickly!
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    Great sentiment @Joe Motocross, and so easily forgotten in the rat race. Have a hard time remembering myself, even with checking this forum on a regular basis.

    Fantastic set of pictures amigo, like how clear that water is from the creek crossing. And the riding scenery is killer, I can't wait to get to the desert and ride (planning to do the CABDR in March - and I'll own up to packing a chair for the ride :lol3).

    Realize the end is approaching, looking forward to seeing all the shots from the journey back to your rig :thumb
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    I enjoyed a lot Joe Motocross threads, not only because pictures and stories are great, but also because it conforts me that some are as fucked up as I am when it comes to the art of riding light and simple!

    Now let's go really extreme: here is my new set up!

    I do have here everything I need for weeks of travel in any condition:
    - tools (and spare tube) are fixed to the bike or filling every little space there is under the seat
    - all my camping gear is in a 6L Storage kit replacing the OEM airbox (if this kit didn't exist, you would see a 6L drybag on the tail with 2 Voile Straps)
    - Layers of clothes, supplies (food, water, alcohol) and miscellaneous items are in my Klim Arsenal vest.

    Actually, I think I can still improve this set up (for example I will replace my sleeping bag with a synthetic insulation pant and socks, more packable and versatile).
    If interested, you can find FULL details in "The Art of packing light" Thread.

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    What? No chair???
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    I mean, if you're already on a Beluga, why not throw a couple in?!?!
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    Yep, will do. Thanks!
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    Holy shit man. We have a position for you on the Presiding High Council. I gotta look into that airbox replacement method. Freaking love it. Next level, for sure.
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    May 23, 2007
    There was a minor move on the other side where the bulldozed ford had been washed out by a storm.
    Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 6.51.54 PM.png

    The river crossing was the last section that could’ve presented a challenge. Now we were onto fast desolate two tracks for pretty much the remainder of the day.
    Day21c - 1 (1).jpg

    Just easy riding. The weather was a bit cool but basically gorgeous. The trails were fast. Perfect for floating over the earth at a rapid rate of speed.
    Day21c - 1.jpg

    We continued through more terrain where we felt we were on a different planet.
    Day21c - 2.jpg

    It would be great just to keep riding. Ride past the truck and keep going. But, that’s not totally realistic for us even though we pretend that nothing is more important than roosting. (OK, roosting is the most important thing. But even the Presiding High Council can’t do it 24/7 - 365)
    Day21c - 3.jpg

    We crossed a well graded road and our route climbed back up onto the bench we were following. As I sit here writing, attempting to finish up this tale from last fall, the days are now getting longer and the spring roost season is approaching. For some reason this photo is making me yearn for the next session.
    Day21c - 4.jpg

    And this photo is doing the same to me!!
    Day21c - 5.jpg
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  10. Joe Motocross

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    May 23, 2007
    It was lunch time and we pulled out a melon.
    Day21d - 2.jpg

    So freaking good!
    Day21d - 1.jpg

    From this point there were numerous routes through very intense terrain that we could’ve taken back to the truck but we opted for a clean easy finish to the journey.
    Day21d - 3.jpg

    There had been plenty of action during this journey and we were content with not pushing it.
    Day21d - 4.jpg

    We drifted at a casual pace and looked around at our beloved territory.
    Day21d - 5.jpg

    This was the final photo of the journey. Even though we were only 15 minutes away from finishing the ride, we examined the river and speculated about how hard or easy it would be to cross as if we were just continuing on with the ride and needed to cross it somewhere, business as usual. 15 minutes later we rolled the bikes into the back of the Squarestream (our truck). The ROOST GOD had delivered us home again.
    Day21d - 6.jpg
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    :clap:clap Thanks!! Brilliant as always!!
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    A huge thanks for taking us along and sharing, JoMoCrow! I enjoyed it immensely. Cheers to the new season!
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    Fantastic journey, and very smart not taking any chances when almost "home", sometimes that does not work out so well.

    That guy above Apo, could teach us all some lessons. Even the prophet can learn from him. I certainly can learn a lot from an ultimate lightweight traveler.

    Thanks again for taking the time, entertains us all, trapped by bad weather and working commitments.
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    Another brilliant finish to your latest adventure,thanks for dragging us along,and getting everyone juiced up for the upcoming riding season around the corner!
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    When I first got tipped off about Joe Motocross and his Adventure Fundamentalist movement I figured I could crack this case open and easily expose him as a fraud just like many other leaders of false religions. Motocross has absolutely no religious background whatsoever. There is no question that he and his “Presiding High Council” members are not anything more than drunken derelicts just out for a good time regardless of the cost of their actions or who they offend along the way. They carry their little toy forks around and think they’re so high and mighty because they don’t use chairs.

    As usual with my diligent investigations, I dug until I got the truth. It surprised me. My findings are that the Adventure Rider Fundamentalists belief system is as legitimate as any other religious belief system. I could not find any evidence that supported the belief that going to heaven after you die (or any other beliefs in the afterlife) is any more likely or unlikely than going into an eternal blissful wheelie when you die. My research shows that no one that is alive actually knows for sure, therefore, the belief that Profit Motocross preaches could possibly be what happens to his followers. No one can really say otherwise with any certainty.

    Aside from the organized religion aspect, what really impressed me was what the ADV-Fs gain from their journeys. They truly do gain a peaceful existence by escaping from the troubles of everyday life. They are better people when they return to society after such outings. Looking at your coworker while drinking croffee and exclaiming “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” out of nowhere may seem ludicrous but it actually benefits everyone. It’s a wake up statement. These outbursts of insanity are actually what keeps them sane. More so than the coworker. Often, the coworkers start to get it.

    Keep in mind there are lasting repercussions once you convert to ADV-F. While doing my last interview with The Profit, I noticed that he was continuing to make cowboy style coffee on his stove with his camp cup and dump Old Crow into it.

    He proceeded to drink his croffee with his motorcycle glove on.

    I looked around his kitchen and noticed that Adjustaforks hang amongst the rest of the kitchen utensils.

    These guys continue to use the Adjustaforks in everyday life. I think this subconsciously brings them out into the desert. It’s a small “release” for them when not out on the trail. Again, this is beneficial for everyday life.

    Even when they do a more sophisticated dinner, there are heavy overtones of trail-life.

    I would not be afraid of contributing to the Motocross tithings and adopting the belief system. Adventure Rider Fundamentalism is for real. Case closed.
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    The yearn for roost is so strong, i'm driving 5500km (3500 miles) south, round trip in a couple weeks (leaving March 1 for Phoenix area) to the promised land (UT and AZ). I simply cannot physically wait 3 more months for roost season in the frozen north... The pilgrimage has begun. KTM 250 EXCF, check. Camp roll, check. Homemade adjustaford, check. Whiskey, to be purchased in country.
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    roost on the trail and rooster on the wall, the Roost Gods are always present :lol3
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    an eye-opening thread. very inspirational.

    an honest and heart-felt thanks, Joe! (and friends)

    travel light, fast and far!
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    And your tool kit, please.
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