Advice for a first time traveller to Morocco

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm an Australian looking at doing a riding trip in Morocco in Early September.

    Planning on flying into south Spain (Malaga)and probably hiring a BMW and taking a ferry over to Tangier. Aiming to head from there to Casablanca, Marrakesh and Errachidia, then crossing back to Tangier.

    I'm looking for any and all advice, from route advice and places to see and stay, to things to avoid and watch out for. In particular, looking local contacts from anyone who's traveled in that part of the world before.

    Cheers [​IMG]
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    I just got back from Casablanca a few days ago. My first time there. The food was much better than I expected, the traffic and driving skill of the general population, much worse. Drivers are very aggressive (one hand on the horn) and don't have any issues pulling into oncoming traffic. Pedestrians are the same. Most of the bikes I saw in Casablanca were 50cc scooters. I did see on R1150GS Adventurer, and a new Ducati Diavel. I was there on business, and admittedly didn't have time for site seeing, but from what I understand, Makaresh is the scenic city. Given the traffic in Casablanca, I might try to stay out of down town proper and stick to the outskirts to Marakesh. Once you are out of the City, the drivers seemed to calm down and the roads improved.

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    Been twice and will go back , got to say the first time at the border crossing it was a little intimidating but just tag onto one of the local guys that offer to help and drop them €5 when you get through , well worth it.

    I'm more into of road but have done the cities and !!!! ok i suppose but i found that side of the country flat and boring

    If you go further south and east the food and scenery are much better

    They have top class hotels all over but i prefered the auberge's cheaper and better food and a real feel for the country

    There's loads to see..........Todra, Ziz and Dades gorge all on road and you can even get to the dunes at Erg Chebbi on an unsurfaced road , the Foret de Cedras is a full contrast (very green)

    Quarzazate is where a lot of people head , Dutch guy has a place there " Bikers Home" but after that head south to Mhamid great road and takes you right to the edge of the desert then head back up to Zagora and jump on the N12 to Foum-Zguid (unpaved road) but they where doing it up 2 years ago

    There's loads to see out of the cities but enjoy either way

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    Morocco is a peaceful country even if grown middle of the road no no no never fear
    Mr. Phil alluring places will not believe what you will see directly
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    Great country, good people, fantastic places and city.

    Casà is the "economic capital" of the country, nice close to the ocean for the rest is just a big city.

    Marrakech wonderful in every site, if you have time also visit Fes.

    If you like off road ride around the Atlas a lot of wonderful track.

    If you want to see some pictures look here there is my gallery of Marocco.

    For any other question just ask P.S. Sorry for my english
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    Your English is better than some that were born and live here.