Advice wanted for planning a motorcycle rental in China

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by freefrye, May 20, 2018.

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    Hi all!

    I will be traveling in Guangxi this summer while living with friends in Laibin, which is in the Xingbin district of Guangxi in Southwestern China.
    I will be there all summer, and was wondering if anyone knows any motorbike rental places in or immediately around the Xingbin district. I've done some surface level internet searching, and as Laibin is not really a tourist-y area, I couldn't find any information on rentals closer than Guilin, which is still a couple hours from from where I'll be living. I would really prefer my Chinese adventure to include motorcycle travel, so I would strongly prefer a traditional motorcycle to a scooter (which is still better than nothing). This brings me to the second thing I would appreciate help with.

    Does anyone know how much trouble I would need to go through to get a Chinese motorcycle licence? I know China requires a Chinese motorcycle license to rent a proper motorcycle, so any advice on that front would be most welcome. All advice is helpful, whether that be instructions how to obtain a licence, whether one is necessary, or possibly that getting an actual license is too much trouble and I should stick to scooters:dunno

    So, I need information on motorcycle/scooter rental agencies, and information on the licence required to ride a traditional motorcycle. Thanks everyone!
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    Inmate TBR could be your salvation. PM him and see how you go. He certainly has extensive China knowledge.
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    If you get any good info, please post it here for us all to see.
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    Inmate doogie went over and spent a few weeks. He bought a little 250 and sold it when done.