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    Hi All,

    I need some advice from this crew...this summer The Flame and I will be departing two-up for the Pacific Northwest. We will be riding for two weeks. Visualizing a map in front of you, it will be a counter-clockwise run up through eastern California, up through central Oregon and Washington.

    Places we want to see include Mt. St Helens, Rainier, Butchart Gardens, US 20 over the Cascades, Victoria Island and 101 back to Southern California.

    I'd be happy to hear your suggestions about routes, destinations or other must see spots in Oregon or Washington. I'm very familiar with US 101 from Olympia, WA to San Diego. It' s the rest of Oregon and Washington I'm not familiar with!

    Feel free to email me off list, and many thanks!

    Steve in So Cal
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    hey, chop, don't you live up that way?
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    Yep. Several site folks live up this away. More than I woulda thought.

    St Helens is not to be missed. If you can help it, cross the columbia and camp at the foot of the road from Randle to the columbia. then get up early, down a quick granola bar and water and haul ass up.

    The roads are fantastic up there (if they haven't been damaged by the winter) 80 miles of two lane twisted road. The reason I say to do the mornign run is that on the weekends the roads are covered in SUVs, motor homes, fisher men towing boats and other flotsam. during the week, it is logging trucks. I usually hit it on a friday evening, camp, up with the chickens on saturday and beat the masses to the road into the park. by the time I hit the halfway point, the traffic has started up...bu they are going the other way as they head into the park and I head out.

    eastern washington and oregon are pretty flat and prettynin thier own ways. I like the maryhill museum. big collection of rodin sculpture. hotter than hades there in the summer.

    as much as I could I would criss cross the cascades. more interesting roads.

    If you pass through Yakima, instead of following the freeway (snore) there is "old river road" (hwy 508, I think) from Yakima to ellensburg. sweepers mostly. lots of river tourist traffic. but one hell of a lot more fun than droning on the freeway.

    from eburg it's a quick couple hours to seattle over I90. or north to winthrop. there is a big R&B fest there in august. mostly the HD crowd. from up there you can do HWY 2 (north cascades) to snohomish (my 'hood) and then swing up to BC. 2 is nice....during the week. weekends hit has herds of bikes, motorhomes, etc. during the week it sin't too bad. don't expect to go fast through there.

    you could also go north east from winthrop and cross into canada over there. I hear the 'nucks up there are real nice to bike tourists. we did have some big forest fires in the area last summer.

    coming back down, you do want to grab a ferry and go to the peninsula and ride around it. lots of trails and beautiful stuff to see. unfortunately big sections still have the crew cut look from clear cut logging. but over by the coast it is beautiful.

    coast riding doesn't suck, except for summer traffic. south western washington, western oregon are known tourist areas and the roads there can get congested. But there are plenty of places to stop and relax. if you are in a hurry, I-5 is usually nearby.

    one thing I would not miss if I could is the roads in and out of Eureka California. bliss.

    And you are always welcom at the Rainier Ranch. Room to snooze, repair, plan.
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    XRwife used to live in Snohomish, and we have some friends up there to stay with. What time of year do you 'spose is best for travel thru Oregon and Washington?? My aunt/uncle live in Port Orchard, as well, so should probably visit them someday, too. TIA
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    Steve, get the Forest Service maps for the Willamette,MtHood and Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forests. See Crater Lake on the way up.
    The following route gets you off the main roads and takes you up the spine of the Cascade Mountain Range it is more work and takes longer, but is well worth it! These are some of the best moto roads in the world, I kid you not and you pass along one snowcapped volcano after another. Get gas when the opportunity presents itself, watch for deer, winnebagos and log trucks. Mostly you will be by yourself. Cell phones do not work for much of this route.
    Before you get to Bend go NW(left off US97) on Hwy58. At Oakridge gas up and go North
    on Forest Service 19. This is a lovely paved road, little traffic on the South end, more as you approach Cougar Reservoir and the hot springs. There is gas at the junction with Hwy 128. Go East(right) on 128.Go North(left) on 126 and NE by East(right ) on Hwy20 thru the big lava flow to Santiam Junction where you double back NW by West on Hwy 22 which will wander North to the junction at Detroit.
    There is gas at the Marina and I think in town too. You will go North out of Detroit on Forest Service 46 passing BreitenbushHot Springs and crossing into the MtHood Natl Forest near Olallie Lake.
    You want to find Forest Service 42 which is East(right) off FS46. FS42 is also paved but is a one lane go cart track for most of its length. There is often logging traffic here, so don't be lured into hyperspeed if you can't see what's up ahead.
    FS 42 will bring you to US 26 just south of BlueBox Pass. There is gas at a station just North of the pass, before US 26 intersects with Hwy 35.
    If you have fuel, my preferred route is South (right) on US 26 just a couple of miles then NE (left) on FS43. THis is another narrow paved go cart track which brings you to FS 48 on the old pioneer wagon road, the Barlow Trail. Go North(left) on FS 48 and it will bring you to Hwy35 at White River Glacier on the South slopes of MtHood.
    Go right on Hwy 35 up over Bennett Pass and follow the Hood River down the East flank of the mountain. Just below the Odell junction, six or seven miles South of Hood River go right on Neal Creek Road to the Junction of Neal Creek and THomson and you will find my place.
    Let me know when you are coming and we can put you up for the night.Contact me offlist for phone etc.
    The road North to Randall, past Mt StHelens and to Mt Rainier is best accessed from Carson, West of Hood River on the Washington side of the Columbia River. This gives you a look at the Columbia River Gorge and keeps you on pavement.
    You can also get to Randle due North thru White Salmon and TroutLake- this gives you a great view of Mt Adams but you miss StHelens and there is some gravel.
    I recommend you take I 84 West to Cascade Locks, cross the Columbia River at the Bridge of the Gods (Steel Grate, toll bridge >:-( and double back East on SR14 to Carson. Carson is the last reliable source of gas before you hit Randle.
    Go North on Wind River Highway, cross Outlaw Ridge on Curly Creek Road (NW by West , left off Wind River Highway-they rebuilt this section recently, it is now paved, but I don't know the road number. It is shortly after you cross OldMan Pass. Last time I was there it was well marked and should be still ifn the Bubbas haven't shot up the signs). At the end of Curly Creek Road go left on FS 90. There is a great little Burger Stand on the right near Eagles Cliff. Stop if it's open! Cross the Lewis River at the East end of Swift Reservoir and go North(right)on FS 25. This is a very entertaining road which will take you across the East shoulder of Mt. StHelens. You should make time to go to the viewpoint up Windy Ridge; look for the signs to the left before you get to Randle(sorry, I can't find it on my map right now). At Randle go East(right) on US 12. Pass thru Packwood and go North(left) on SR123 This takes you up over the East side of Mt Rainier. You are now out of my neighborhood and on your own :):

    photo shows my Mom admiring MtStHelens from Outlaw Ridge

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    Awesome advice from an awesome group of guys...the Flame and I hope perhaps we can meet some of you this summer!

    Steve in So Cal