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    Jun 14, 2019
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    Hi my name is Matthew and I run a group of dual-sport and adventure motorcycle riders from Ottawa. We are getting together a rider resource website and we need some help from Ontario Riders to grow street-legal off-road motorcycling in Ontario. We are a group of volunteers who create and participate in off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. This website has been created to gather information and resources to enable safe and enjoyable travel.

    We have created routes in rural regions that generate new tourism that delivers sustainable economic opportunities to its residents. This encourages local landowners and businesses to fight to keep access for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles in remote Locations.
    We are looking for the following to help grow the site.
    (Ontario and Quebec residents**)
    -Route Makers
    -Route testers
    -Area representatives
    -Business owners

    If you want to help out in any of these roles to help grow our sport please send me a message.

    thank you.
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