Africa Twin goes Hunting in the High Country

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    Aug 11, 2017
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    E9DE15EE-93E7-44D4-868A-EFB646185284.jpeg It’s time to get back in the saddle. I’ve been slow in getting outdoors after the Covid year of hibernation, so today I combined two things I love doing outdoors, hunting and riding.


    I put the AT to work as a scouting vehicle to check out my Turkey hunting spots. High winds kept from hunting today, but it was a great day to use the bike to check out my hunt area. The roads were in pretty good shape after the fall elk season. The bike made it so much easier and faster to see how many camps are in the area, if the roads are blocked by fallen trees, and it saved me and my old 1992 Ford F-250 from jarring our guts out.



    It turned into a fun day on the bike. Stopped at one of my old campsites and not very far from it found an unusual antler. No moose here in AZ but some very strange elk racks. Would have loved to see this elk disguising himself as a mini-moose.



    Good water in the tanks, but it won’t last long If we don’t get some rain this spring. I’ve used the AT to scout my elk and bear areas, and it seems not to spook game as much as a truck. These deer let me ride past close to them, but ran when I dismounted to take their picture.




    Time to ride the High Country again!

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    6B? Pretty area. I've never hunted turkey, but I've been in that area many times. I really like it. I considered taking my NCX hunting there one year (for Coues), but decided the pickup would be much better for the actual hunt. For scouting, I think a bike would be terrific!
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