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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Ol' Badger, Oct 5, 2008.

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    After 2600 miles of riding on a stock 1200GS seat from Portland/Montana/Alberta/return ( my buttbones hurt. Each day. And as the trip wore on, them bones hurt earlier in the day. After some consideration of cost and trouble I bought an Airhawk cushion.

    Descriptions of all models here:
    The proper one for the GS is the medium cruiser. It's what they recommend in their sizing chart at . Here's a pic on my seat:


    The crease in the cushion cover is either the way I positioned it on the seat, or the shape of my butt. The cushion comes with 2 straps that hook under the seat and connect to the 4 loops, 3 of which are seen here. But the included cushion cover also has a non-skid bottom that really works, so I haven't attached anything yet.

    The Airhawk is basically a blowup whoopie cushion. I didn't get the model that makes farting noises. :D You blow it up and slowly let the air out until you're riding on about a half-inch of air. I think I'm higher than that, but whatever. You can let air out while you're on the bike by unzipping the cushion cover behind you and twisting the tube value.


    So, does it work? Yes, indeedy! It keeps the buttbones off the front of the seat. Also you can position the cushion on the seat fore and aft; in my case it protects the boys from the forward upward slope of the stock seat, which was occasionally painful.

    Now from reading posts I know that folks buy aftermarket seats for a variety of reasons, some for (front) bones, some for tailbones and posture issues. This cushion provides no back support at all, so it's really only good for contact problems.

    Roho sells the cushions direct, but they can also be bought from other sources. I found mine at an ebay store (search for Airhawk) where you'll find better prices by far. I bought new from Ghost motorcycle parts in Florida (from an ebay store link). Ordered Monday morning, arrived SF Bay area the following Monday. $133 plus shipping.

    I haven't found any issues (yet) with sliding around on top of the cushion, although you obviously aren't anchored to the seat directly. I've seen some posts with complaints to that effect.

    Anyway if it doesn't work out, I figure I can find an inmate to sell it to. :evil
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    A+ + Bought mine this summer - riding a '90 DR with stock seat and my '78 Yammy XS750 Special (bought new 30 yrs ago)
    Both old girls cushions leave something to be desired...options for old bike seats are limited and $$$$. Went to Americade in Lk George to check out the Airhawk - found it online much cheaper.
    Awesome difference! Nice part is it goes on whatever bike I'm riding - even a new one when I can afford it!
    Highly recommended.
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    Prior to the GS I rode my KLR everywhere. Not a bad stock seat but could use improvement. All I put on it was sheepskin. I got the '99 1100 GS and was thinking how much better the seat was going to had to be! It was a better bike! I took off for a day ride on it and within the first hour I was speeding to get back home and get my butt off the cindertile block I was sitting on. I bought the Airhawk and put it under my sheepskin on the GS. My butt is much happier now!