Alan on a Christini AWD 450DS across Australia

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    Great report, and you're obviously a very patient man. About 10 years ago Yamaha made an AWD WR450 with Ohlins-designed hydraulic drive to the front wheel. I believe around 50 were manufactured, and as there are a couple in New Zealand they no doubt got to Aus also.

    Based on my many years experience with water cooled Yamaha singles and also with Ohlins products, one of those might be a better choice for you.

    They're quiet, too.
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    Great report mate sorry to hear about all your problems with the 2wd
    I am of the same opinion as you that a 2wd would make a great adventure bike. I was lucky enough to try a belgata tt600hydraulic 2wd and I would have been very happy to set that bike up as an adventure tourer. That was part of a military trial and it never reached the marker as far as I know
    The closest thing was the wr 450
    It is a pity it was great very stable loved sand and did a good job even on wet clay. It would not point and shoot in the corners aggressively. But it did two wheel drift beautifully around corners.
    I can not believe this is not mainstream yet it would even make bikes like the 1200 BMW very manageable in the Simpson
    Like you I was drawn to Christini but could not get around the fuel range etc
    What is the story now did you manage to get aroun d its problems? Would love to know how it is working out for you
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    I love your vision for this trip! Sorry it was a such a rough one, but that suitcase full of electronics, gasoline, and tires leveraging massive strain on a lightweight trailbike sub-frame could have turned out much worse! At age 20, I crossed North America from Maryland to Washington state by way of Mexico on a brand new Kawasaki Ninja on the same day I learned to ride it in the dealer's parking lot and could have paid a much higher price for the education I received in the following months too :-) Luggage on fire - check. Run-in oil changes by the roadside - check. I was packed significantly lighter though, so I never had the sub-frame breakages. Thanks for sharing!
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    In your post 55 where you listed the great many problems and repairs needed you mentioned that you yourself would be undertaking all of the repairs and corrections. Cannot imagine why the bike was not returned to the dealer for them at their expense to make things right. Seems to me that in fact asking for a full refund would be reasonable. I admire your trouble shooting skills and the high level of patience under what would be very annoying circumstances. Do hope that trips taken since this one, went much better. Merlin
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    Mate, If my memory serves me correctly, the dealer lost the dealership and I don't know what happened to warranty work thereafter. I haven't ridden the bike much since I got home, and TBH, I'll probably offload it due to lack of use. I struggled to reach the ground at standstill due to my short legs so just recently I've been thinking of buying a Royal Enfield Himalayan as the seat height suits me truckloads better!